Street Demon Installation, tune, and test

Installing and tuning the new 625 CFM Street Demon on a 1972 Dodge Dart

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Demon 625 Carburetor Test and Tune
Family owned and operated for over 40 years with over 75,000 satisfied customers. Rated #1 Click on blue link Demon 625 Carburetor Test and Tune Produced by Worlds leader in turn key muscle car engines.

Street Demon - Chuck's Garage
Chucks introduces our new Street Demon Carburetor

Street Demon Carb Swap Dyno Test
A 650 CFM Carter AFB Carburetor was swapped for a 650 CFM Street Demon.

Demon Carburetion Street Demon Carburetors Square Bore or Spread Bore In 625cfm and 750cfm Carb
Demon Carburetion Street Demon Carburetors In 625cfm and 750cfm Square Bore or Spread Bore uretors/2075515/10002/-1?itemPerPage=60&pno=1 Street Demon™ Carburetors redefine street carburetors with clean looks and ease of use. They feature small primary throttle bores combined with proven triple-stack Boosters offering a straightforward design while delivering stable idle, amazingly crisp throttle response, and smooth performance. The carburetors feature an integrated fuel bowl/main body design with the gasket above fuel level and have no plugged passages, eliminating all potential leak paths. These carburetors have optimized calibration and dual mounting patterns make them Run-Ready™ for a large variety of engines and vehicles! Features: Developed from the ground up with great looks and ease of use in mind Available in 625 or 750 cfm airflow Dual mounting bolt pattern (square bore or spread bore) fits any street 4-barrel intake manifold One-piece air horn assembly Small primary throttle bores combined with proven Triple-Stack™ Boosters deliver amazingly crisp throttle response and drivability, superior fuel atomization and improved fuel economy Electric choke management means easy cold starts Blown idle circuit that diverts air directly under mixture screws for a more stable idle and easy startup Torsion spring valve control/adjustment permits seamless primary to secondary throttle response, regardless of the throttle opening rate (unique contoured profile developed for better cylinder to cylinder fuel distribution) Integrated 700R4/200R4 transmission kickdown cable mounting location Ford automatic transmission kickdown (except AOD) Inverted flare or 3/8'' barb single fuel inlet for simple installation Goggle Valve Secondary (GVS™) throttle plate delivers over twice the air flow of the primary bores for power you can hear and feel Optional Aerospace Composite fuel bowl offers significant heat insulating benefits over aluminum fuel bowl - keeps fuel up to 20° cooler for optimum performance with modern fuels. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Follow JEGS High Performance for the latest Racing news, videos, pictures and content! Home Website: SUBSCRIBE to our: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Pinterest: Instagram: Tumblr: A family-owned company with a rich racing heritage and a passion for muscle cars and street rods. We have over 55 years of experience delivering the best high performance auto parts from the best brands. JEGS has a knowledgeable technical support staff, outstanding customer service, and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our warehouse is filled with millions of name brand auto parts ready for same-day shipping. • Free Shipping & Handling* On orders $30 and over - More Info • The Lowest Prices! If you find a lower price on the same item, change the price and buy • Order By 11pm EST for Same Day Shipping! Delivered fast to your door • Millions of Name Brand Products in Stock! Ready to assist you around the clock 24/7