AE 0.1CC Diesel Model Engine Micro

This is a video of the tiny 0.1CC AE diesel two stroke engine. My example shows so-so worksmanship, but the piston and liner fit was acceptable. The tank screws were filed to length and the needle was defective. The needle valve and venturi were replaced with an old Super Tigre part for an idle circuit from a carb. After sorting out the needle and compression settings it starts and runs fairly well. It doesn't make much power turning a Cox 3x1.25 prop at 18,000 rpm. The built in tank is very small and suitable for free flight. i intend to build an RC model and a larger tank to replace the stock one. Testing was done with a small external tank. These were produced by Allen Engineering in the UK in the 199's. They are not available today except for Ebay where they turn up once or twice a year at 100-200 USD.

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AE 0.1CC Diesel Engine in Solidworks
This is a Solidworks model of the AE 0.1 diesel to show the internal features more clearly. I talk about the design and function of this little engine.

Will these small engine work?
The smallest engine in the world. COX .010 Engine Assembly & Working Video.

AE 0.1CC, a Closer Look
I disassemble the AE 0.1CC micro diesel engine.

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