AE 0.1CC Diesel Model Engine Micro

This is a video of the tiny 0.1CC AE diesel two stroke engine. My example shows so-so worksmanship, but the piston and liner fit was acceptable. The tank screws were filed to length and the needle was defective. The needle valve and venturi were replaced with an old Super Tigre part for an idle circuit from a carb. After sorting out the needle and compression settings it starts and runs fairly well. It doesn't make much power turning a Cox 3x1.25 prop at 18,000 rpm. The built in tank is very small and suitable for free flight. i intend to build an RC model and a larger tank to replace the stock one. Testing was done with a small external tank. These were produced by Allen Engineering in the UK in the 199's. They are not available today except for Ebay where they turn up once or twice a year at 100-200 USD.

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Micro rc twin cylinder diesel engine 0.4cc

Jet Engine
Here you can see the plan of this engine: All formats link: ЧТОБЫ НЕ ПИСАТЬ УЖЕ СКАЗАННОЕ И НЕ ПАЯСНИЧАТЬ В КОММЕНТАХ, СОВЕТУЮ ПРОЧИТАТЬ НИЖЕСЛЕДУЮЩЕЕ ОПИСАНИЕ ЭТОГО ДВИГАТЕЛЯ. Самодельный реактивный двигатель, с компрессором низкого давления, но без непосредственно самой турбины. На видео 2 режима работы: когда сгорание происходит во внешней камере сгорания и когда горение идет около форсунки - это чем-то напоминает включение/отключение форсажа в настоящих движках. Данная модель всего лишь игрушка, собрана без чертежей из подручных приспособлений, так что прошу не принимать в серьез этот агрегат:) Тяга очень малая. Однако горелка вышла эффектная) позже, надеюсь, дойдут руки до создания хорошо работающего прототипа ТРД.

The Smallest RC Engine In The WORLD!
I met Ronald Valentine recently and he says he makes the smallest combustion engines in the world. I am not the expert here, but I must say he holds the title so far as I can see. His smallest engine is less than the size of an American quarter coin and I am really impressed. You can visit Ronald's website and make your own decision, but from my view he has made some really fine engines. To view the smallest RC engines in the world then visit Ronald's website here. Please remember to.... Rate, Comment, And Subscribe to Support my Channel. Thanks, Eric Jordon This video was edited using Movie Edit Pro MX. I use MEP to edit all my videos. You can download a free trial version at this link. My RC website. My Video Editing Tips website. Music: "Feelin Good" by Kevin MacLeod (

Big Engine Starting Up and Sound
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