Street Car Chaos 2009 Boost (12) V. Derek

Drag Racing, Boost 12

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Boost12 vs 80BooYa ! Chicago Grudge Race !
Stock Suspension Small Block Mustang gives a Big Block ladder bar car 1 and the break and shows him whats up! VILLAGE WHAT!

2 Hat Sam vs. Corey
MC spins 660 ft Caprice takes the win...Sun shines on a dogs a$$ sometimes

Street Car Chaos 2009 #26
Drag Racing, Racing

Outlaw 10.5 Mustang Crash at 6th Orlando World Street Nationals
Want to see more? Full 2+ hour length video "World Street Nationals- Orlando 1998" available at The Orlando World Street Nationals has been going on since 1993, and is the most talked about drag race in the world. This clip is from the 10 and a half inch wide tire "Pure Street " class, and shows how unpredictable these cars can be. Al Tucci, the unmistakable "Voice of Pro-Street" calls the race.