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2013 T-Rex Aero 3S by Anibal Automotive Design - Peel Paddock 2013 - Montreal Formula 1 Weekend
Welcome to AutoMotoTube!!! On my channel you will find short, (2-5min) walkaround videos of Cars and Motorcycles. Most of my coverage is from Auto and Moto shows in North America and Europe, and I visit different shows: Big, like New York International Auto Show, Detroit North American International Auto Show or Paris Mondial de L'Automobile, to small regional, Classic Car, RV and Boat Shows. I have thousands of High Definition videos of different types of vehicles, everything from new, classic, vintage, old cars, hot rods, motorbikes, recreational vehicles, motor boats, yachts, to airplanes, bicycles, and even tractors :-) In most of my videos, I take a look at the exterior design and interior arrangements of the vehicle, so you can receive a general idea and appreciation of a certain brand or model. I really appreciate all your comments and critics - they help a lot, in building one of the most diversified Auto & Vehicles Channel on YouTube!!! P.S: To find a video of a certain model in my channel, just write the brand and model name in the search bar above, or have a look in my playlists. You can find me on my official facebook and twitter pages: , or if you have chance, check out my web site: - there I have my videos organized and all the vehicles easy to find. Subscription link for my Channel: Thanks for watching and stay tuned!!! A lot more to come...

7 Amazing 3 Wheeled Vehicles You Have To See
This video features 7 awesome 3 wheeled vehicles you have ever seen. Subscribe for more videos: -Credits: carver one in elsass autumn 2016/2 -by Wa Rius Carver One on Future Car -by Carver Owners Club Morgan Three Wheeler - One minute of pure sound -by Bil Magasinet Vanderhall Laguna Roadster -by Vanderhall Motor Works VANDERHALL Laguna -by Vanderhall Motor Works Ural Sidecar Motorcycle Military Demo -by JohnBG1340 T-REX AERO 3S TRIKE -by jean-pierre lussier TRIKE J-TREX -by jean-pierre lussier Drone footage of Electra Meccanica SOLO -by Electra Meccanica Vehicles 360 Degree SOLO - Electra Meccanica -by Electra Meccanica Vehicles The All-New 2015 Polaris Slingshot - Features and Benefits -by Polaris Slingshot

Tron -light Bike
Light Bike from Tron.

Why This is More Dangerous Than a Super Bike
Rarest of all T Rex's The BMW powered 2017 limited edition, and some how I got to Drive it.