Earth Quake 3.5 Out of Box Review Here is the out of box review video of Newest Redcat, The Big Block Monster with SH 21 Big block engine, huge tires and semi truck awesome strong looking Shell. Check out the specs inside.

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EarthQuake 3.5 Setting up for First Start
Higly customized and High quality Professional Multirotors, Quadcopters, RC Quadcopter, Hexacopter, Octacopter with Autonomous flight capabilities. Best RC Cars, RC Planes, RC Helicopters and RC toys reviews In this Redcat Racing video tutorial you will see how to setup your truck for the first run, setup electronics, and air filter before starting the engine.

Lets Break RedCats again EarthQuake 3.5 This video series is simply bashing the old Redcats that were sitting at home for a long time. In this video you will see some EarthQuake 3.5 bashing. This is 1/8th scale nitro 4WD monster truck with SH 3.5 Engine and two speed transmission.

Redcat rebuilt very nice and fast! selling it 180 obo
Check this out rebuilt and cleaned very fast and nice. tell me what you think. earthquake 3.5.

EarthQuake 3.5 Maiden Run uake-35 This is the maiden running of RedCat Racings Big Block Monster EarthQuake 3.5. The very first running right after engine breaking in. Of course it was running a bit lean on low end side n rich on high end side ;). Comments feedback welcome at Don't forget to check, racing and, , Cheers