73 sleeper maverick grabber 2.3 turbo holset he351 t5 burnout with mini spool and hoosier slicks

here is a video of my car at the grand run at pigeon forge tennesse doing a burnout outsde my cabin, the car is at 25psi Boost now it is on the hoosier slicks in this video and the car now has the front end on it and the roof painted

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sleeper maverick huge high gear burnout turbo big block street car on slicks
this is my maverick using up the rest of my 26x8 inch slicks this is set on kill 20 psi 26 degrees of timing in high gear with a 3.00 rearend , mild 460 with s475 borg warner turbo c6 trans stock 8 inch rear , bar has ran a 6.6 @ 105 on 12 psi Boost check out my other video

73 sleeper Maverick grabber 2.3 turbo holset he351 walkaround part 2
the car is at 25psi Boost now and has the front end on it as welll as the top has been painted i have not wired up the nos yet the video was at the grand run in pigeon forge tennessee

73 sleeper maverick grabber 2.3 turbo holset he351cw walk around
73 maverick grabber 2.3 turbo holset he351cw powerstroke 7.3 front mount bov header t5 5 speed stock 8 inch rearend 3.00 gear mini spool essling adj. cam sprocket .400 lift circle track cam homemade upper intake ported lower intake stock injectors 3" alum. piping 4 inch exh. stock short block

first launch on slicks with the wiggle wagon 83 ltd 4.8 ls twin turbo
ok this is my very first launch with the maverick on slicks they are 15x8 wheel vintiques with 5 7/8 "custom backspacing and m and h racemaster 26x8 inch slicks . no burnout on cold tires on a dirty rough asphalt surface . I think this car would launch in a car wash . I am footbraking it to 4000 rpm in third gear and then dropping it to first electronically . it has a 2.75 gear with a spool and it weighs 3600 pounds with me in it. I did not datalog it but it should have been around 8 psi Boost . I start footbraking it with 40 degrees of timing that really helps it overpower the converter then once it gets above 3800 rpm and 7 psi Boost I drop the timing down to be safe. it is 14.5 psi on out . all stock spri