PPC in the park 2011 mallory park Rear view chase-cam 12.20 (H) session

Onboard tuned Saab 9000 roadcar. Rearview chasecam! Mallory park. I really enjoyed the little duel with the black Civic, very fast car you have! www.project-carz.com www.uksaabs.co.uk www.saabflight.com

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PPC in the park 2011,Mallory Park H session...Saab 9000 Aero
12.20 session from onboard Saabflight tuned 9000 Aero roadcar. Nothing has been stripped out whatsoever, even left the bassboxes and amps in the boot lol. I really enjoyed this session, nice close action almost all the time. Unfortunatly I forgot to delete some old footage from my sd card so only had a enough space for 12 or so mins.....DOH!! Big grins and thumbs up to the guys in the civic :D www.project-carz.com

Cool FAB Racing Round 8 at Mallory Park 2016 Part 4 ft. Mini GP70
In a nail-biting race, Josh Whatley and Scott Ogden battle it out for the 2016 GP 70 Championship at the historic Mallory Park Circuit.

British F1 sidecars - Round 6 - 2016 - Mallory Park
The exciting world of F1 Sidecars moves into a new era of racing. F1 Sidecar Racing fits in right at the top of motorcyle sport alongside the British Superbike (BSB) and World Superbike (SBK) championships. Attracting a growing young element of riders enthused by racing against the established stars and high profile teams keen to maximise their profiles at each high level event. Always Spectacular; Always Entertaining; Always Colourful; Always Intense; and ALWAYS on the EDGE; F1 Sidecars are well suited to the modern Media and TV image.

Mallory Park Race of the Year 23 10 2016
Just the plum pudding meeting left to come.