PPC in the park 2011 mallory park Rear view chase-cam 12.20 (H) session

Onboard tuned Saab 9000 roadcar. Rearview chasecam! Mallory park. I really enjoyed the little duel with the black Civic, very fast car you have! www.project-carz.com www.uksaabs.co.uk www.saabflight.com

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PPC in the park 2011,Mallory Park H session...Saab 9000 Aero
12.20 session from onboard Saabflight tuned 9000 Aero roadcar. Nothing has been stripped out whatsoever, even left the bassboxes and amps in the boot lol. I really enjoyed this session, nice close action almost all the time. Unfortunatly I forgot to delete some old footage from my sd card so only had a enough space for 12 or so mins.....DOH!! Big grins and thumbs up to the guys in the civic :D www.project-carz.com

Big crash Motors TV Raceday Mallory Park 2011
Big crash during Mallory Park Motors TV raceday : the car rolled.

PPC 2011 @ Mallory Park - Session H
Me in my 1990 B16 Honda Civic taking on Mallory park at PPC in the park. Had an awsome battle with the Saab 9000! That thing is an animal! Really good day!

Mallory Park PPC Magazine Track Day 27/10/09
Brilliant day apart from the 2 casualties that were the silver volvo and Will Holmans Ur Quattro. I hope I got a bit of everybody's cars and if not, apologies, I just filmed what was in front of me and tried to mix it up a little. Enjoy!! Ives