PPC in the park 2011 mallory park Rear view chase-cam 12.20 (H) session

Onboard tuned Saab 9000 roadcar. Rearview chasecam! Mallory park. I really enjoyed the little duel with the black Civic, very fast car you have! www.project-carz.com www.uksaabs.co.uk www.saabflight.com

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Police Chase | Motorcycle vs. SAAB 9-5 | Sweden, 225Km/h++
Speeding motorcycle gets chased by police.

CSCC Mallory park 2015, Modern Classics, BW Racing

Trans Atlantic motorcycle race Mallory Park
Trans Atlantic motorcycle race Mallory Park, part a race series between the UK and Americans. Some old faces, Randy Mamola, Barry Sheene, Dale Singleton, Mick Grant, Steve Parrish.........

CSCC, Brands Hatch. BW Racing Toyota Starlet (Class E) 31/5/15
A short film with Kyle 'Wardy' Ward in his CSCC debut driving his Toyota Starlet GT turbo. After Qualifying 7th on the grid, managed an awesome drive in the wet to 6th place overall and a Class win. Thanks goes to the BW Racing team and their sponsors, Tuning developments, McNair Motorsport, Royal Purple synthetic oil, Waxworks and Fast Road Conversions. Also of course the unprecidented help & support from the Firefighters Race Team!