Omega 3000 Turbo

A movie i did for my brothers friend. This is not my car and i dont have any info about it. Made in Sweden. Music: East Clubbers - Beat Is Coming

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Opel Omega TURBO 500hp onboard city drift
Opel Omega with turbo GT25. Looks like a garbage car, well it actually is a garbage, but somehow it goes, it is a big miracle. The car is not for sale!

bagicz Skyline vs Omega Turbo
orginal omega A c30se + big turbo in SCANIA ....

Omega 3000 acceleration 0-100 km/h 5.9 sec.
0-100 5.9 sec 0 - 180 18 sec 0 - 230 24sec.

Opel Omega 3.2 V6 vs BMW 523i
Szanowni Zaszła pomyłka i film przez dłuższy czas miał zły opis. W pojedynku jest 170 konna BMW 523i, a nie 192 konna 525i. BMW jedzie na benzynie, Omega na gazie.