13b corona

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12a pp Toyota Corona
12a pp Toyota Corona skid

13B RX-8 engine in 1969 toyota corona RT40
this engine is a 13B renesis out of a RX-8 and I have used older RX7 housings giving it 5 Exhaust ports - 2 peripheral ports on the housings and 3 ports on the front, intermediate and rear plates. Also used old school front cover to allow it to run a distributor and be mounted off the front cover

13B RX-8 engine in 1969 Toyota Corona RT40
me leaving all jap day car show

RT40 Toyota Corona
The RT40 is on its way home. The team at Big Shed Customs have done a big tidy up. It has a new 4 bar rear suspension, narrowed Hilux diff, disc brakes front and rear, airbags fitted front and rear and a 12A Bridgeport Rota up front.