1965 Lincoln Continental car chase

1965 Lincoln Continental car chase

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1962 Lincoln Continental sedan car chase
A 1962 Lincoln Continental sedan is chased down & driven off the road by a group of bikers. Taken from 'Chrome & Hot Leather' (1971).

SPEEDTRAP (1977) Car crash in Bullet Time ...1970's style!! * Wild * Joe Don Baker
Buy SPEEDTRAP (w/ Car Crash) on DVD here: http://www.j4hi.com/page8/page329/Speedtrap_Car_Crash_dvd.html 22 years before THE MATRIX a little exploitation film called SPEEDTRAP (1977) did their own version of the 'Bullet Time' effect with a wild car stunt. Watch in "High Quality" mode!

CHIPS 1978 Car Chase Clips
Car Chase Clips from the TV-series Chips. Mercedes W116 Ford Pick-up Lincoln Continental Ford Granada Fort Thunderbird Ford LTD Wagon Ford LTD

parking my 1965 lincoln continental with glasspacks
Unless you want to hear it start, fast forward to 1:20. This is me, in I think about 2002, parking my 1965 Lincoln Continental (ALL original minus the glasspacks) next to my tiny little 1994 Subaru Justy (semi-intentional burnout hehe). 430ci engine with 10.1:1 compression ratio. 2.5" pipes from the Exhaust manifolds to glass packs, and nothing in between :) To all the upvotes - thank you all :) you're awesome :) Update: Just sold it last weekend (end of Sept 2014). Heartbreaking, but I absolutely could not have hoped for a better home for it. Thanks again guys, and I'm glad there (narrowly) ended up being no fatalities getting it on that trailer :D