HoN MoonMeander at his best :D

Wanna see a flaming Pro Player? ;D

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Moonmeander Artillery 6 Doombringers (classic POV)
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Moonmeander - BIG PLAY
Lower your volume!!!! Epic play and scream at the minute mark.

AngryTestie solo Annihilation comeback (Highlight Video)
Hey, name is Mike, nickname Kajis. I was watching AngryTesties stream the other day, there was one game where his team was kinda loosing, but Testie made a great comeback with annihilation. It was a great footage to make a video, so I decided to do so. I checked lots of songs for a last fight, but nothing was good, so somehow I decided with 8-bit Lost Vikings song :q Not sure if I will be doing any similar videos any time soon. Video doesn't have any special editing points, because that wasn't my purpose. I just wanted to share how can one persons stream can be so fun. I hope people enjoy it, if you don't .. well you don't and who cares :P Music used: Audio Machine - Akkadian Empire Parov Stelar - Booty Swing Position Music - Man At Arms The Lost Vikings - Wacky World -------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: I do not own Heroes of Newerth game or any music that was used in this video. All the copyright goes to the owning companies of the songs

MoonMeander Best Earthshaker Ever - EG vs OG Dota 2
Dota 2 Major OG vs EG MoonMeander Best Earthshaker Commentary LD Blitz Subscribe http://bit.ly/noobfromua