Drag Race Renault Twizy RS F1 vs Megane RS

The Twizy Renault Sport F1 concept Fitted with a Formula 1 derived KERS system that instantly increases power from 17 hp to 97 hp, it is able to accelerate from standstill to 100 km/h or 62mph in 6 seconds, just like the Megane RS 265.

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Carrera -video race- Renault TWIZY vs kart de competición
El vehículo eléctrico más pequeño del mercado se mide, en esta vídeo comparativa a los dos rivales más raros que se haya imaginado el Twizy: un kart de ...


Renault Twizy Review: Are Electric Cars Any Good? - /CHRIS HARRS ON CARS
It has 17hp and might crack 60mph if you drove it off a small cliff face. The Twizy is a part of Renault's EV adventure: it has a 60 mile range.

Renault Twizy RS F1 vs. Megane RS - by Autovisie TV
Dutch car magazine Autovisie battling with a Renault Twizy RS F1 against a Renault Megane RS. For more video's please visit http://www.autovisie.nl/video.