Twin turbo V6

David Wilzig's twin turbocharged V6 Commodore. Currently the quickest V6 Commodore in Australia, here's an old video back when it was running 11's... it now runs 10.4 seconds and drives everywhere.

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BIPOLR Turbo V6 Commodore Ute
Burnout guys are always looking for way to get noticed and hanging your turbo out the bonnet certainly helps with that

Tilley's turbo VC - turbocharged 225ci slant six
Cameron tilley's turbocharged EFI slant six Valiant.

CHEAPFUN at Lardner Motorfest
Anyone who watches Scotty's Garage know we don't mind a bit of EL/EF Falcon action. They're good cheap cars with decent power. Listen to this one scream at Motorfest. Don't forget to subscribe to Scotty's Garage for more awesome videos.

Dyno Fire
Here's a video clip I created for Street Machine magazine. It was taken at Summernats 19, an Australian Street Machine show The car is a twin turbocharged LS1powered HSV R8 Clubsport (based off the Holden Commodore platform) that makes around 1200-1300hp at the rear wheels. On this particular run it popped out an injector o-ring and sprayed the engine bay with fuel. You can imagine what happens next.