Pan American Nats Atco NJ 2011 Burnout Box pt1

Video taken from the burnout box on Saturday, 1st rounds of qualifing. I believe these cars were trying for the quick 32 class & also a couple cars for Team USA.....

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GRS- Motorsports Accident Mix Part #2
Video by Crash Videos on 2012

Santiago Racing 7.422 @ 178.19 MPH New Record @ panamerican 2011 atco nj

Celica Rosado X-Men New Record
Celica Rosado X-Men New Record 7.08 @ 194mph 7/17/11 17th Annual Pan American Nationals @ Atco Raceway Thanks To

Jomar Racing Vs. Ford Focus Negra (Accidente)
Accidente en la noche entre el datsu Jomar Racing y una Ford Focus Negra , todo estubos bien con ambos driver solo un cantasito leve na grabe .... Video Cortesia: