Jet Car - 17º Festival Brasileiro de Arrancada - em HD

Pegue carona no Jet Car de Ricardo "Pudim" Bersani.

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FireForce 3 Jet Car - 10000+ bhp - 1/4 mile 5.95
2016 VW Action at Santa Pod Raceway. The FireForce 3 Jet car is officially the fastest jet car in the world, having run a 5.79 @ 336mph before!! It is powered by a Pratt & Whitney J60 engine from a Sikorsky Skycrane helicopter, with 5500lbs of thrust, converting to over 10,000bhp. Nice video of it still running in the 5's with a 5.95 but opening the shoots early to cross the line at 224mph. Please like the videos, subscribe, check out my facebook page and contact me if you are looking for a video of your vehicle. I may just have one :)

MOTORES EXPLODINDO !!!! (incrível)

Velopark - JET CAR - 24 04 08
Inauguração da pista do VELOPARK em nova sta. Rita RS - Ricardo "Pudim" testando seu JET CAR com turbina d avião a porra!!! filmagen WK. bregaaduu!!! rs!!!

Jet Car - 3ª etapa Campeonato Força Livre de Arrancada 2014