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2 - 15" Sundown Audio Zv2's on SAZ-3500 First Burp!! Lincoln Town Car

This is the first burp we did with the new set up in the lincoln. it consists of 2 15" zv2s on a saz-3500 at half ohm. eaks at 30 hz later that night we did a 149.97


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Testing Sundown Zv.3 15" in DDBEAST...
Ok. To all the DD users and fans CHILL OUT! I've had about 60 emails, messages, Pm's and texts of loyal DD fans that are upset about this video. We have used DD subs in this car for so long with great success. No other sub has ever came close to the DD until now. This does not mean the sundown is better. And it does not mean that the DD is inferior in any way. So please ease off. Damn. I love DD. I love Sundown. Both make great products and I'm happy to be able to offer my customers both lines!

Tested: Sundown SAZ 1500D - "1500 watt" Car Audio Amplifier - SMD Amp Dyno AD-1 -
for more info: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/119785-new-product-sneak-peak- smd-ad-1-amp-Dyno-update-32713-spy-pics-page- 11-13-14/?p=2417764 Tune like a PRO! Find all SMD products here: http://www.wcCarAudio.com Serial # 00001 is in the building! the SMD D'Amore Engineering Amp Dyno AD-1 is about to set the standard in car audio for amplifier ratings. Does your 5000 watt amp really do 5000 watts? Whether it is car, pro, or home audio, the AD-1 AKA the Honey Badger, does not care. This is the first of many amps that i am going to test on the bench and release the findings. I will go more in depth once my test bench is set up properly. This test was a quick plug and play situation, similar to what you would find in a car. Remember, the amp Dyno isn't so much about your amplifier not making the power as it is WHY the amp isn't making its power. If your electrical system, or some other link in the chain is not working to its full potential, the amplifier will not either. The Dyno shows any small change you make in REAL TIME. For serious inquiries, email : wcCarAudio@gmail.com and put in the subject AMP Dyno. Dont forget: Follow my Twitter @ : http://www.twitter.com/meade916 Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Steve-Meade-Designs/59127968198

SAZ-3500D Clamp Test
Rev. C unit from newest production run; some small tweaks are present in this model compared to older models.

X-15 Prototype Free-Air Test on SAZ-3500D
This is our upcoming 1250 RMS line being tested free air with nearly 3x their rated power level -- I took it up a bit too far just as an example =) This was taken with a bit newer camera than previously used -- Canon Powershot Elph 16.1MP. The excursion looks a little weird in this video compared to other videos so not sure which camera I'll keep using in the future -- but hope you all enjoy !

Dirty Lincoln 2 15" Sundown Z's 148+ in trunk
2 15" sundown Z's on sundown 3500 he said it does like a 150db (in the trunk) at 30hz!! team minnesota's loudest

NEW Skar Audio VVX 12's!!! SAZ-3500, 29 hz Tuning!!!
Big Thanks to the guys at Top Dog Audio for shipping me out some new subs to play with :). these are pretty much the same as an SA, but a little bit more of a low end monster :D. but i did it again, throwing a solid 1500+ watts at a 600 watt rms sub XD..... These subwoofers are very very well built and are just amazing sounding for how loud they get!!! Check them out today At www.Skaraudio.com!!!!

Enclosure Build - 2 Sundown Audio SA12 - 3500 Watts - Build Update #4
Here is the subwoofer enclosure build for my 2 sundown audio sa12 subwoofers. It's the first box i built 100% myself and it looks damn good IMO. However in the video it doesnt show the bracing, however it IS braced. To follow this build from the ground up, please check it out here on SMD (link directly to build log) http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/102685-beallstar13s-2011-sundo wn-audio-build-log/page__p__1425081&#entry1425081 enjoy comment, rate, subscribe :) I recorded this video and have worldwide distribution rights to all material used in this video. Thank You.

SUNDOWN 2-Z15v3 + SAZ-3500D 0,5Ohm

Steve Meade Design subs and Sundown Audio amps
1986 GMC Sonoma Chameleon paint Lowered sitting on 20" Lexani rims with Pirelli's (2) 15" AA SMD (2) SAZ-3500D (4) XS Power D3100 (1) DC Power 320Amp Alt 152.6 at Kick. 152.0 at Headrest. 150.8 at Windshield.

TML Andrew Marshall 150db @ 30HZ From The Trunk
Credit goes Chris Russ and Anton Miller Andrew Marshall of Team MN Loudest does a hair trick form the trunk!!! car is a lincoln town car, 2 15s and a 3500 doing a 150 db at 30 hz!!!!

Sundown Audio Z v.2s
First time playing some new Sundown Audio Z v.2s. More vids to come shortly.

Sundown Audio SA-12 Free Air, MAXIMUM excursion
Just putting the SA-12 through it's paces. The spider is much softer now after a couple hours of free air @ 28hz. This vid show's it's MAX excursion before mechanical damage.

Termlab Nightshade 18's SAZ 3500's 155.3 db!!
We put Yuey's 6th order with 2 out of the 4 Sundown Audio Nightshade 18's on 2 of the 4 SAZ 3500's. Pretty happy with the results 155.3 on music, not a bad score. :)

Sixdogs1 - "Operation Crazy 8's" Pt. 1...Sundown Audio Upgrade 2006 Dodge Magnum SXT (re-uploaded)
Sorry for not showing more of the actual build. Ran into a couple of issues, so it was hard to film while working. Now that the hard stuff is outta the way, the next vids will show a little more of the process. Also, sorry for the last upload issues. The sound was disabled for copyright shit. I actually uploaded it as I was going to sleep because I work night shifts. I didn't even know the sound was gone until Safaribass finally got through to me and let me kno.

ford focus 2 sedan sundown dual sa-15 hifonics hfi2500d

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