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2 - 15" Sundown Audio Zv2's on SAZ-3500 First Burp!! Lincoln Town Car

This is the first burp we did with the new set up in the lincoln. it consists of 2 15" zv2s on a saz-3500 at half ohm. eaks at 30 hz later that night we did a 149.97


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X-15 Prototype Free-Air Test on SAZ-3500D
This is our upcoming 1250 RMS line being tested free air with nearly 3x their rated power level -- I took it up a bit too far just as an example =) This was taken with a bit newer camera than previously used -- Canon Powershot Elph 16.1MP. The excursion looks a little weird in this video compared to other videos so not sure which camera I'll keep using in the future -- but hope you all enjoy !

Got Voltage? -Sundown SAZ 3500- *Stock Electrical*
Zain's Car. Trail Blazer 1 750CCA Batt in the front. 1 stock 130Amp alt. No Big 3 Upgrade Running Stinger 1/0 Gauge to the amp. (2 runs to the blocks) No Play No Games!

Sixdogs1 - "Operation Crazy 8's" Pt. 1...Sundown Audio Upgrade 2006 Dodge Magnum SXT (re-uploaded)
Sorry for not showing more of the actual build. Ran into a couple of issues, so it was hard to film while working. Now that the hard stuff is outta the way, the next vids will show a little more of the process. Also, sorry for the last upload issues. The sound was disabled for copyright shit. I actually uploaded it as I was going to sleep because I work night shifts. I didn't even know the sound was gone until Safaribass finally got through to me and let me kno.

2 15inch SMD in a trunk
this vehicle was designed for the competitive category called LOW END MONSTER. 2 15inch SMD tuned to 27hz. 2 sundown 3000s

2 - 15" Zv2's hair trick!!! Team MN Loudest 150 db+ trunk @ 30hz!!!!
Andrew Marshall of Team MN Loudest does a hair trick form the trunk!!! car is a lincoln town car, 2 15s and a 3500 doing a 150 db at 30 hz!!!!

00 Lincoln Town Car System
4 12" MTX Thunder 7500 on a homemade box running off a Clarion DPX11500, Sittin' on some 20" Boss Rims

Bass making glass bend!! Sundown Audio SA15's!
6 Sundown Audio SA15's 1 Sundown Audio NS-1

Sundown Audio Russia, 2x SA-15, SAZ-3500D playing music 2
Notorious B.I.G.

15" Sundown Zv.2
My sundown z v.2 with a sundown saz2500d. The gain is probably at 1/4 because I still need to put my batteries in. Will make another vid when its all done. The black stuff is gorilla tape to make sure its air tight. need the extra deebeezzz :) ***sorry for the bad quality of vid/ audio. was taken from my phone. Lost my camera***

7,000 watts of Sundown Audio Power, Ascendant Audio, SMD , Fi Car Audio XS Power

Sundown Audio 18" Nightshade 3000d
Sundown Audio 18" Nightshade 3000d

Single 12" BTL on SAZ-3500
figured i might as well throw the btl in for one last hurra before my new subwoofers come in and start blowing the doors of shit :)

01 Lincoln Town Car, Sundown Audio
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Styx- Ford Explorer Team Sundown Russia
One SA-15 and two SAX 1200D bridge 2 omh....... 148 db on musik

Team Sundown Scott 160 dB broken windshield
Scott broke his windshield again, but got his 160 dB.

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