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2 - 15" Sundown Audio Zv2's on SAZ-3500 First Burp!! Lincoln Town Car

This is the first burp we did with the new set up in the lincoln. it consists of 2 15" zv2s on a saz-3500 at half ohm. eaks at 30 hz later that night we did a 149.97


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2 - 12" Sundown Zv2's ON SAZ3500, Loud TRUNK
you guys know whats up :P

Testing Sundown Zv.3 15" in DDBEAST...
Ok. To all the DD users and fans CHILL OUT! I've had about 60 emails, messages, Pm's and texts of loyal DD fans that are upset about this video. We have used DD subs in this car for so long with great success. No other sub has ever came close to the DD until now. This does not mean the sundown is better. And it does not mean that the DD is inferior in any way. So please ease off. Damn. I love DD. I love Sundown. Both make great products and I'm happy to be able to offer my customers both lines!

sundown audio 3 sa 12`s
test run on the 3sa 12's doing 147.6 then blew fuse.

01 Lincoln Town Car, Sundown Audio
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

ford focus 2 sedan sundown dual sa-15 hifonics hfi2500d

2 - 15" Zv2's hair trick!!! Team MN Loudest 150 db+ trunk @ 30hz!!!!
Andrew Marshall of Team MN Loudest does a hair trick form the trunk!!! car is a lincoln town car, 2 15s and a 3500 doing a 150 db at 30 hz!!!!

Bass making glass bend!! Sundown Audio SA15's!
6 Sundown Audio SA15's 1 Sundown Audio NS-1

Indy Show 2-26-11 Part 1 / DB Drag / Bassrace / Car Audio
This is the start of my competition videos. I'm putting them all up. Hope you enjoy!!!! The System Pioneer Headunit Optima Yellow Top Battery Autotek 1500 Watt 2 Channel Amp (Sub) Kenwood Kac744 4 Channel Amp (Mids) Kicker L7 15 Inch Subwoofer Infinity Kappa Mids Everywhere Sub Box Tuned To 36 Hertz Elemental Designs Edead V45 In Trunk

lincoln towncar 2 nightshade 15's saz 3000d bigjon
2 sundown nightshade 15's 1 sundown saz 3000d 5agm cells, 1 bad lincoln towncar

Team MN Loudest ~ 01 Lincoln Town Car, 2 - 15" Sundown Zs 150 @ 30 hz!
This is our dirty lincoln!!! 150 @ 30 hz O_o

05 Nissan Frontier - (2) Sundown SA-15's, 149.5 db Termlab Outlaw!!!!
Stock battery under hood, second stock battery in rear Discus 1500 (2) Sundown SA-15's Dual 4's Custom slot port box

Styx- Ford Explorer Team Sundown Russia
One SA-15 and two SAX 1200D bridge 2 omh....... 148 db on musik

TML Andrew Marshall 150db @ 30HZ From The Trunk
Credit goes Chris Russ and Anton Miller Andrew Marshall of Team MN Loudest does a hair trick form the trunk!!! car is a lincoln town car, 2 15s and a 3500 doing a 150 db at 30 hz!!!!

Termlab Nightshade 18's SAZ 3500's 155.3 db!!
We put Yuey's 6th order with 2 out of the 4 Sundown Audio Nightshade 18's on 2 of the 4 SAZ 3500's. Pretty happy with the results 155.3 on music, not a bad score. :)

unboxing sundown audio saz-3500
unboxing my sundown audio saz-3500 and it's weighs 30 lbs

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