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2 - 15" Sundown Audio Zv2's on SAZ-3500 First Burp!! Lincoln Town Car

This is the first burp we did with the new set up in the lincoln. it consists of 2 15" zv2s on a saz-3500 at half ohm. eaks at 30 hz later that night we did a 149.97


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Sundown Ford Ranger ~ 2 - 15" Zv2 on SAZ-3500, 151+ db, Pure Pressure Concepts

X-15 Prototype Free-Air Test on SAZ-3500D
This is our upcoming 1250 RMS line being tested free air with nearly 3x their rated power level -- I took it up a bit too far just as an example =) This was taken with a bit newer camera than previously used -- Canon Powershot Elph 16.1MP. The excursion looks a little weird in this video compared to other videos so not sure which camera I'll keep using in the future -- but hope you all enjoy !

Testing Sundown Zv.3 15" in DDBEAST...
Ok. To all the DD users and fans CHILL OUT! I've had about 60 emails, messages, Pm's and texts of loyal DD fans that are upset about this video. We have used DD subs in this car for so long with great success. No other sub has ever came close to the DD until now. This does not mean the sundown is better. And it does not mean that the DD is inferior in any way. So please ease off. Damn. I love DD. I love Sundown. Both make great products and I'm happy to be able to offer my customers both lines!

Sundown Audio SA-12 Unboxing
Sundown Audio SA-12 unboxing, quick overview, and initial thoughts...

Enclosure Build - 2 Sundown Audio SA12 - 3500 Watts - Build Update #4
Here is the subwoofer enclosure build for my 2 sundown audio sa12 subwoofers. It's the first box i built 100% myself and it looks damn good IMO. However in the video it doesnt show the bracing, however it IS braced. To follow this build from the ground up, please check it out here on SMD (link directly to build log) http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/102685-beallstar13s-2011-sundo wn-audio-build-log/page__p__1425081&#entry1425081 enjoy comment, rate, subscribe :) I recorded this video and have worldwide distribution rights to all material used in this video. Thank You.

NEW Skar Audio VVX 12's!!! SAZ-3500, 29 hz Tuning!!!
Big Thanks to the guys at Top Dog Audio for shipping me out some new subs to play with :). these are pretty much the same as an SA, but a little bit more of a low end monster :D. but i did it again, throwing a solid 1500+ watts at a 600 watt rms sub XD..... These subwoofers are very very well built and are just amazing sounding for how loud they get!!! Check them out today At www.Skaraudio.com!!!!

2 18" Fi BTL Sundown SAZ-3500 vid 2
I got a friend to record for me so its a better quality video. Excuse the port flex thats what the dowel rods are doing back there laying by the box. I just haven't installed them yet. The first song is Young Jezzy-White Girl the second is Young Joc- Im a G both of them are Slowed and Enhanced. I do not own the rights to these songs.

Sixdogs1 Amp Unboxing - Sundown Audio Upgrade in 2006 Dodge Magnum
Here's the last unbox vid. Sorry its been so long since the last vid. Been a lil stressed over the build but now that I've got everything I need, I'm ready to start shooting again. Next vid will be on some bass shit :) I just wanna thank everyone for subbing to my channel. Its greatly appreciated. Enjoy!!! www.sundownaudio.com www.youtube.com/tyoung319

SAZ-3500D Clamp Test
Rev. C unit from newest production run; some small tweaks are present in this model compared to older models.

Dirty Lincoln 2 15" Sundown Z's 148+ in trunk
2 15" sundown Z's on sundown 3500 he said it does like a 150db (in the trunk) at 30hz!! team minnesota's loudest

2 Sundown SA-15 - 7.7 cu. ft. @29Hz Cadence Olympia 0.5ohms

Sundown saz 3500d on 2 fi bl 15's
Sundown saz 3500d 2 fi bl 15s (new versions) 2 kinetik 2400s This is only 2 of my 4 subs in. The other 2 will be in within the next few days...

6/26/10 Midwest SPL, Sound Connection St Joseph MN Event
Midwest SPL event in St. Joseph mn on 6/26/2010. featuring Mr chris Russ AKA Master of all bass, Lief Wall, Anton Miller, Chris Hasbrook AKA Scapelli and many more loud vehicals!! for more event information please visit www.midwestspl.com and go to the calender.

Sundown Audio SA-12 Free Air, MAXIMUM excursion
Just putting the SA-12 through it's paces. The spider is much softer now after a couple hours of free air @ 28hz. This vid show's it's MAX excursion before mechanical damage.


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