2 - 15" Sundown Audio Zv2's on SAZ-3500 First Burp!! Lincoln Town Car

This is the first burp we did with the new set up in the lincoln. it consists of 2 15" zv2s on a saz-3500 at half ohm. eaks at 30 hz later that night we did a 149.97

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Got Voltage? -Sundown SAZ 3500- *Stock Electrical*
Zain's Car. Trail Blazer 1 750CCA Batt in the front. 1 stock 130Amp alt. No Big 3 Upgrade Running Stinger 1/0 Gauge to the amp. (2 runs to the blocks) No Play No Games!

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Dirty Lincoln 2 15" Sundown Z's 148+ in trunk
2 15" sundown Z's on sundown 3500 he said it does like a 150db (in the trunk) at 30hz!! team minnesota's loudest

Sundown Audio ZV4 12's on 25,000 watts!!
Sundown zv4 / Sundown zv5