Twin Turbo Chevy S10 – Track Digs

September 12th, 2019

Greetings drag racing fans and welcome to one of the best kept secrets in racing – English Mountain Raceway in Newport, Tennessee. Tonight, we meet up with Boston George (FoxBody), Murder 88 (multi-color Chevy S10) and the rest of the Skinnies Skeekret Sauce crew for some head-to-head drag racing on the track. Of course, with Skinnies Sauce, these cats are getting smoke-stack burnouts and great traction every time!

It all starts with the white S10 pickup. It has a new twin turbo small block setup and the guys (and girls) are looking to make a fast pass. The white truck draws a 70s Camaro in the first round. After a dose of Skinnies traction compound is applied, he smokes the place up before “gaptivating” the Camaro for posterity. On to Round Two.

The second round pits the white S10 against a gold Chevy Camaro with a big block on nitrous. The little S10 gets as close as you can but still loses in a close one. When this kid gets the bugs worked out of this new build; he is going to be dangerous.

More racing action on this one – including some bonus go-karts. Several pretty ladies, too! You don’t want to miss out.

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