Square-Nose Chevy C10 Dominates Cash Days

August 17th, 2017

Greetings race fans and welcome to the Midwest Slow Car Cash Days. This is an event for competitors with 800hp or less.

Please say hello to our feature truck. It is a gutted, tubbed, and caged Chevrolet C10 pickup with a small block engine and a nitrous injection. While there is nothing fancy about this C10, with its matte military themed paint scheme and standard steel wheels, it is consistent and quick coming out of the hole.

The first contest in this single elimination event pits a great looking Nova SS against the C10. The pickup hooks up well and drags the coupe through the trap easily. It appears that the Nova may have broken (judging by the smoke trail).

Round two finds the C10 lined up against a hot looking Vega station wagon with a giant set of wheelie bars. Again, the truck gets the hole-shot and cruises to a victory.

We have a late model Camaro SS going against the C10 in round three. The Camaro jumps early but the pickup runs him down and wins by a narrow margin. It’s on to the finals from here.

Despite a cockpit fire midway through the final pass, the C10 manages to pull off a close victory against the King Turd Camaro.

All in all, this was a good day of racing for this simple but squared-away pickup from the Midwest.

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