Tesla Model S P85D Insane Mode Launch Compilation Video and Discount Referral Code Link

January 25th, 2015

thumbTake a look at this Tesla Model S P85D Insane Mode Launch Compilation Video showing reactions from a few unsuspecting people.

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With 0-60 MPH coming in just 3.1 seconds along with no audible clue of what’s about to happen,  the aggressive launch brings out some very interesting and funny reactions, including a flying iPhone that gets stuck to the back seat from the G Forces (we’ve recorded 1.29G on the launch).


Tesla-flying-iPhoneThe Tesla Model S P85D is powered by dual motors with a combined output of 691HP and during a recent dyno test we observed 864 ft-lbs of torque.  This Tesla also set a new world record for being the quickest and fastest production electric car running 11.6 @ 115 MPH in the 1/4 mile.


There are two versions, clean and explicit: