Ruffian Galaxie 500 – 700HP Restomod

February 7th, 2024

We can always count on Shawn from Autotopia LA to deliver a winner from the left coast. Maybe you will remember Chris Ashton from a previous video with a GT40 and a Mustang. You may have played one of Chris’ many video game creations or you may have spotted the Rufian collection at this year’s SEMA show. Whatever the case, you will enjoy the latest addition to the Ruffian fleet of extraordinary restomods. What you may not enjoy is watching a beautifully restored Galaxie being dismantled and recreated as a race car. If you are an emotional auto enthusiast – easily moved to tears –  consider this your viewer warning statement.

This project started life as a 1964 Ford Galaxie 500. It is now a full-blown race car. It rides on a Ron Sutton chassis with an ultramodern mechanically adjustable Watts Link rear suspension that makes this car handle like it’s on rails. Up front, the spindles and rack-and-pinion steering are NASCAR grade. Adjustable Penske coilover shocks are on all four corners. Trust me, before the engine was built or the sheet metal was formed, this car was already a work of art. Beyond that, this ride is perfectly balanced per the Sutton formula.

Speaking of masterpieces, under the hood is a naturally aspirated (carbureted) 526 cubic-inch Shelby FE engine. Composition is all-aluminum with a forged internal rotating assembly. Lubrication is distributed via a dry sump system that is impervious to curves and high banking. The 6-speed manual transmission is a Tremec T-56 (Ford bolt pattern) built by G-Force. To make shifting faster, the gearbox is set up in a synchronized dogbox design. You don’t even need to push the clutch to shift.

Obviously, the functional rear diffuser and front chin spoiler are stunning. There are so many unique features in this build that it will blow your mind. Check out the video.

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