Midwest Cash Days – Winner Take All Street Digs

April 22nd, 2020

It’s time once again for Midwest Cash Days! This is a Big Tire, single elimination, winner-take-all event that takes place on the streets of Mexico. Competitors from all over the U.S. have come to claim their rightful place as King of Cash Days – that and a handful of cash. With sixteen competitors paying $350 a car; somebody stands to walk away with more than $5,000. Rules are simple: don’t jump early, don’t be the first to cross the center line and cross the finish line before the other guy. Keep doing that for more rounds than anybody else and you win the cash and title as King of Cash Days.

With heavy hitters from Memphis Street Outlaws and the 405 Street Outlaws, as well as Mustang Mike, the Silver Unit Camaro, Rankin’s Relic Mitsubishi Conquest (LS Turbo) and Anthony’s Hercules Chevy Nova, it’s going to get heated on these streets. Time to go racing!

As we walk through the pits, I almost can’t believe the caliber of cars that have shown up for this event. There are legitimate 1,500-2,000hp drag cars here and ready to take it to the streets. Even with all that rubber on the pavement, there’s no way the street will handle all this horsepower.

Sure enough, as the light drops, and the first two competitors come out of the hole there is lots of spinning and grinning. The supercharged Chevelle (left lane) can’t get a grip and gets gapped by a ’63.5 Twin Turbo Ford Fairlane. The Ford doesn’t knock the tires off until after the halfway mark.

Many, many more rounds of street digs on this one. You don’t want to miss it.