Chicago Streets – $14K Winner-Take-All Purse

December 5th, 2023

As temperatures drop in Chi-town, the street racing scene heats up. The competition is at a record high as elite street racers from across the land converge on an undisclosed location in the Midwest. Get ready for some white-knuckle, single elimination, winner-take-all dig racing action from the streets of Street City, Mexico.

Up first are several introductions. Meet the Audi TT with a 1050 Turbo kit, a Firebird with a big motor, a big turbo and a TH400 automatic transmission and a Cicio Nissan GT-R with enough horsepower to win the whole thing.

First to take the track is the Cicio GT-R. He’s going against a Mustang Fox Body. The Mustang spins off the line and the Nissan pounces on the opportunity. He flies from A to B for a clean pass and the win.

Next, the Audi takes on a different GT-R. This one is black – and fast. Both cars cut a clean light and launch forward with purpose. On this day, the Nissan just had more than the Audi could muster. GT-R FTW.

Round 2 is up next. There is lots more street racing (on the track) in this clip from 1320 Video.

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