TX2K21 Competitors Take to the Streets

March 24th, 2021

Where do you think all those TX2K21 gearheads go when the dragstrip closes? Well, this group of hardcore dig racers decided to do some street racing (on a closed course in Mexico). They trailered their Small Tire monsters in and prepared to get down for a pile of cash. The rules are typical. Don’t cut the light early. Don’t cross the center line in front of your opponent. Be the first to cross the finish line. Accomplish these three things more than anyone else on the property and take home all the money. Oh, by the way, it’s a single elimination competition. If you lose, you go home (back on the trailer, anyway). Here we go. The driver’s meeting is over and it’s about to jump off.

Lining up for the first pass of the evening is a Chevy S10 Pickup in the right lane and a nitrous equipped big block Ford Mustang on the left. The Ford cuts a clean light and gaptizes the Chevy freight train style.

Next up is a contest between a C7 Chevrolet Corvette (right lane) and a Nissan 240Sx with an LS motor and nitrous. Once again, the left lane is victorious as the LS swapped Nissan gets the early jump and increases his lead as the contest unfolds.

In the third race, we have a 1,000hp Nissan GT-R (right lane) going against a supercharged Ford Mustang. This time the right lane takes the stripe as the all-wheel drive GT-R hooks up easily while the rear-wheel drive Mustang struggles to find traction.

Tons more drag racing action on this one. Have a gander for yourself.

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