Beater Bomb – Most Feared on the Street?

March 13th, 2023

Everybody that’s anybody in street racing has heard of the Beater Bomb Fox Body Mustang. This 1320 Video sits down with car owner (Joey) as he takes us on an in-depth journey from nearly stock to a custom chassis street presence. The best quote of the video is “winners focus on winning and haters focus on winners”. How true it is.

Rumor has it that the setup of Beater Bomb has been a closely guarded secret for years. Truth is that Joey is meticulous in his pre-race preparation (during the week) so that he doesn’t have to bust knuckles on race night. Let’s face it; a closed hood can lead to a ton of speculation. To solve the mystery once and for all, Beater Bomb is currently running a single turbo LS (GM) motor. Like many amateur racers, Joey went from naturally aspirated to nitrous and finally to turbocharged. He has been very successful with this platform posting a record of 30 wins and only 3 losses during the 2021 season.

As the engine evolved, chassis mods became necessary. A full frame and roll cage were added to the middle of the car resulting in the need to add the “butthurt bar”. This was a long, weighted arm protruding from the rear of the body. It drove the competition (haters) crazy, and fans loved it.

Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane with Beater Bomb.