Toyota Celica Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Toyota Celica VS Toyota Celica Drag Cyprus
Just for fun toyota club Cyprus meeting.

1000HP 2JZ Toyota Celica!
New School power in an old school platform! The team over at Speed Warhouse put together a solid mix of forgotten styling with a proven power plant.

Nyce1s - Paradise Racing's 6 Second 200 MPH Toyota Celica… World's Fastest Toyota 4 Cylinder
Congratulations to Luis Corujo and the Paradise Racing team! They had a successful 2015 season and were able to keep getting faster with their 4 Cylinder ...

Nyce1s - Don Omar at Englishtown with his 2JZ Toyota Celica!!
Here is Don Omar driving his Supra powered Toyota Celica at Englishtown during a wednesday night test n tune session. We are looking forward to seeing him ...

Toyota vs Honda 0-400m drag race 1999
miroshi's Integra Type R #1920 homepage: Drag races with JDM cars: Honda Integra Type R DC2 Honda Civic Type R EK9 Toyota ...

[ENG CC] Civic Type R vs. Celica SS - 0-400m drag race 1999
miroshi's Integra Type R #1920 homepage: JDM cars drag race quarter mile battle. Honda Civic Type R EK9 (Takuya Kurosawa) vs.

Toyota Celica GT-Four vs Honda Civic Drag race
Kondofrey Drag Challenge 2014.

Toyota Celica 2JZ drag racing - Gas Motorsport
Toyota Celica 2JZ at Jamboree WSID.

Corvette C6 Evilways vs Celica GT drag race
Lop-sided drag race between a horribly loud Celica GT and Evilways Corvette C6. Um...Corvette about a 1/4 mile...

CarTorque Series 2: Trio of Toyota Celica's - Road, Track & Drag
" A lot of people talk about having one car to do it all, and I just don't think that personally works." Meet Owen and his trio of Celica's. Different horses for different ...

Toyota Turbo Celica GTS at Drag Strip!
My first time out there and I sucked... really bad. However, you live and you learn. Some more practice and ill be able to provide a solid time for the celica.

Honda Civic vs Toyota Celica drag 500 hp
Honda Civic vs Toyota Celica drag 500 hp in Smolensk.