Mazda RX-8 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

TRIPLE Turbo 1600hp Mazda RX-8
JOIAN - The 3 Rotor, 3 Turbo Mazda RX-8 - This car is a sight to see in person, with three turbos crammed into the engine bay. A sound unique to only few cars ...

Mazda RX 8 Vs. Audi S3 Drag Race Follow Us On FaceBook: Hungary - 2010 - 04 - 25 [KiskunLacháza]

Mazda RX-8(191PS) VS. Mazda RX-8 (231PS) Drag 1/4 Mile @ German Race Wars 2010

Nitrous LSx Mazda RX-7 vs E85 Big Turbo EVO on slicks!
EVO HAD CLUTCH ISSUES REMATCH COMING SOON!! OutOfOrder EVO vs DNR Performance LSx RX-7 Shoutout to 3HeadedElephantS for the GoPro ...

Mazda RX8 turbo ~ burnout, drag & dyno
Sam isn't afraid of giving his Mazda RX-8 a solid workout. The street car is powered by an older yet less restrictive RX-7 FD bridge-port 13B rotary engine and ...

1955 Chevy, drag racing Mazda RX8, Malta Montana, 9-19-2009
New School and old school.

Mazda RX-8 & Mazdaspeed 3 Drag Race 1/8mi
Video of kurt(subparpunk from and alan(sumdeus from carolinamazdas,com) at the local 1/8mi drag strip in moorsville, nc. First time ...

Mazda RX-8 vs Infinity G35
mazda rx8 vs infinity g35 Enjoy the video! Post up if you have any questions or comments. Like this video and subscribe for more videos!

Ford Mustang vs Mazda RX8 (LS1) - King of the Street 2015
Mazda RX8 (LS1) vs Ford Mustang drag racing at Kvartmílubrautin (drag strip) in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland during 2015 King of the Street competition. Click here to ...

Porcshe 911 vs Mitsubishi Lancer 9 vs Mazda RX 8 and ... (Its Drag Racing) [№5]

Mazda RX8 "Blackout" turbo com FuelTech FT400 - 7s13 @ 190 mph (304 km/h) - Nopi Nationals 2014

Need For Speed Underground 2 Drag Race Mazda Rx-8 Top Speed: 366.0 Km/h
Need For Speed Underground 2 Drag Race Mazda Rx-8 Top Speed: 366.0 Km/h.