MG ZR Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

my rover @ santapod, USC.

AN Racing Rover T16 Turbo powered MG ZR runs 10.759@136mph
AN Racing's T16 Turbo powered race machine on the quarter at Shakespeare County Raceway. 10.759 @ 136.4mph despite grip being a bit patchy that day.

MG ZR Turbo - Drag Racing
My Rover 200 (MG ZR) Turbo at USC 2011. Best time was 14.03.

MG ZR - 10.23 @ 138mph 1/4 mile at Santa Pod
The MG ZR "Bubble" is the current street legal FWD quarter mile record holder with an awesome 10.23 @ 138mph!! For more info on this car see ...

John Marshall / John McNichol - MG ZR - Rally Mini Midlands 2013
Our compilation filmed and produced by Ian Madison of Mad Video.

MG ZR turbo vs audi rs4 santapod,
my zr turbo running a 13.4 at santapod against a rs4.. my fastest run of the day.

Mg zr turbo vs subaru wrx
my zr turbo against a subaru wrx very close race even tho the subaru has 4wd.

Rover 200 Bubble (MG ZR) Turbo 1/4 Mile @ Santapod
My best time of the day was 14.3s - You can build this car for £500!!! Find out how at

Rover 200 Bubble Turbo (MG ZR) 1/4 mile @ Santa Pod
My fastest time of the day was 14.3.

mg zr vvc 160 vs mg zr t14 turbo
lennies vvc 160 wins somehow.

mg zr santapod 2008
turbo zr.

MG ZR 2.0 Turbo vs Audi RS4 - Santa Pod