MG ZR Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

my rover @ santapod, USC.

AN Racing Rover T16 Turbo powered MG ZR runs 10.759@136mph
AN Racing's T16 Turbo powered race machine on the quarter at Shakespeare County Raceway. 10.759 @ 136.4mph despite grip being a bit patchy that day.

MG ZR Turbo - Drag Racing
My Rover 200 (MG ZR) Turbo at USC 2011. Best time was 14.03.

MG ZR does 10.2 1/4 mile @ Santa Pod
Andy Nichols runs a 10.2 second run at Santa Pod in his front wheel drive MG ZR.

MG ZR turbo vs audi rs4 santapod,
my zr turbo running a 13.4 at santapod against a rs4.. my fastest run of the day.

Mg zr turbo vs subaru wrx
my zr turbo against a subaru wrx very close race even tho the subaru has 4wd.

13s 1/4 mile mg zr rep 2.0 turbo
Rover 25 245bhp!

MG ZT 190 vs Subaru Impreza drag race
Straightliners event at Kirkbride airfield.

MG ZR - 10.23 @ 138mph 1/4 mile at Santa Pod
The MG ZR "Bubble" is the current street legal FWD quarter mile record holder with an awesome 10.23 @ 138mph!! For more info on this car see ...

MG ZT 190 vs Nissan Skyline R34 drag race
Straightliners event at Kirkbride airfield.

MG ZR Turbo 13.4 quarter mile @Santa Pod 2012
MG ZR 2 litre turbo T16 running the strip at fast show 2012.

MG ZT 190 vs Honda Civic Type R
Straigthliners event at Kirkbride airfield.