Chevrolet Aveo Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

aveo vs golf drag
friend racing his wife's aveo against other friends golf.

[Drag 30.07.16] Приора vs Chevrolet Aveo

Chevrolet AVEO supergharger от BORMAN AS turbo тест 0,4 бара
0,2 бара сток Chevy AVEO supergharger от BORMAN AS turbo drag racing +380677056556

1 Mile Drag Aveo vs Veyron
Forza Motorsport 3, 1 Mile drag. Chevy Aveo5 vs. Bugatti Veyron 16.4 at Sedona Raceway Park. First and Foremost, I am racing in the Aveo and the AI is in the ...

Scott 1 Lap passed 13 cars in a Chevy Aveo!
December 2012 LeMons race: Arse-Freeze-Apalooza at Chuckwalla. Driven by Scott! Car is a 2005 Chevy Aveo. Rated at 103HP when new! Best way to have ...

BX Rides - Chevrolet Aveo Drag Style
Tampang Chevrolet Aveo memang menggoda untuk dimodifikasi. Tampilan sport sedari "lahir" membuat Dio, pemilik Chevrolet Aveo berikut ini mengubahnya ...

chevrolet aveo vs ваз 2110 Dream Racing

Drag-racing.Lada Kalina vs Chevrolet Aveo.flv

SEMA Drag Race: Hellcat vs Blasphemi vs Jeep FC vs Sonic! - 2014 SEMA Week Ep. 5
We've reached the final day of 2014 SEMA Week brought to you by 76, and only we would dare to bring this ridiculous mix of vehicles together for a grudge race ...

Firebird vs. Chevy aveo
Scion Brag n Drag 2010 at Texas Motor Speedway.

Burn out super horsepower drag car racer "AVEO"
after 25 days straight at work, even the AVEO is ready to get home.

honda civic vs chevrolet aveo
HB de antonio vs aveo.