6 Year Old Girl Watches Jet Powered Race Car and Meets Driver

In this video, a 6 year old girl watches jet powered drag cars race at Z-Max Dragway in Concord, North Carolina located just outside of Charlotte across from the Charlotte Motor Speedway. As you may imagine, she had several questions about how the cars worked and why the cockpit was so narrow and small. As she looked at the two dragsters in amazement, she continued to ask her dad questions about the cars. As it so happens, the driver of the silver car, the "Top Secret Eastern Raider", Ken Hall, was busy checking his car over after the race. The six year old girl asked him a few questions and Ken took the time to briefly explain the features of the car and a little about how it works. He even posed with her by his car for a picture. We are greatful for his time and for talking about the race car and showing her how it works.

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