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kyosho alpha con motor gx15 mejorada

Dandole una vuelta por el solar de la nave, tira bastante la verdad


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[ Tutorial ] - Cambio de pistón y camisa (Kyosho GX15)
Video tutorial del cambio de pistón y camisa por otros nuevos, en un motor nitro Kyosho .15

Kyosho GX-12 Simple Tip
How to get started quickly, great for beginners

Macchinina radiocomandata
Ecco la mia Opel Astra della Kyosho.Monta il motore della Ferrari della Dea Agostini;un gx 15 2,5cc.E' un modello basilare che grazie al motore mi da molte soddisfazioni.

Kyosho _ PureTen GP Alpha 3 _ Subaru Impreza WRC 2003 _ 4 WD _ All Inklusive
music: retax gorgon - analogue monologue www.label.syrup.hu video: deathmonkey

Kyosho Superten - Engine Adjust
Adjusting an Kyosho superten GS 15'' Engine - Trim, and admission! Low and High RPM. Ajustando o motor do meu superten... ta ficando bom!

Kyosho PTA 3 gp gx15 The road wos very slippery :D
Too little snow track. My fingers wos frozen so steering wos challenge :D The video quality ain´t best... sorry! (I don´t have this car anymore)

Hey, I had to re-upload this video along with another due to copyright issues. Which are hopefully resolved now :) This video features the four nitro engines i own... .21 GO engine GX-5R / Picco .26 MAX (REVO) / TRX 2.5 / Kyosho GX-12 I also go through a few things about the new 3D aerobatics plate I am currently building, and show a short demonstration of how the ailerons will work.

Ferrari F1 RC Motor Kyosho GX-15
Ferrari F1 RC escala 1/8 réplica do carro do Michael Schumacher F2004. Motor Kyosho GX-15 de 2,5cv Rotações por Minuto: 3000 ~ 25000rpm Suspensão Hidráulica

HPI RS4 Evo3+ / Kyosho PureTen GP Alpha 3
HPI RS4 Evo3+ / Kyosho PureTen GP Alpha 3

Kyosho Pure Ten 2Gang,Gx15 Motor,Tuning lager und mehr
Pure ten mit 2 Gang,gx15 Motor und Tuning lager

kyosho gx12 astra rally tração nas quatro rodas
automodelo radio controlado kyosho motor gx 12 esse ronco do motor é adrenalina pura.....................

AUTO RADIOCOMANDATE A SCOPPIO con incidente finale - alex rabo
auto: hsp sonic & offna piloti:alessandro e andrea

Kyosho Pure Ten Alpha 3 - by Benia
La famosissima Entry Level 1/10 della kyosho con qualche accorgimento meccanico. Marmitta e collettore a risonanza, cambio a 2 marce, componenti della camera di scoppio e albero motore accuratamente levigati e lucidati a specchio. Il motore è quello di scatola, un kyosho GX15 2,5cc. Un piccolo giro di prova.

Kyosho DRX Citroen Subaru WRC RC Nitro Offroad "Fast Forward"
Die schanze ist zu schmal. Ein kleiner film zu unseren neuen flitzer von Kyosho hoffe es gefällt allen die dies sehen....

Kyosho Inferno Neo 1/8 Off-Road Nitro Buggy
The Inferno Neo design is based on the World Champion Inferno 7.5 and Sports 4 platform, which includes all the most desireable features. The result is the most refined ReadySet 1/8-buggy Kyosho has ever released. The Inferno NEO includes great new features such as an aerodynamic body shell that's modern and stylish. The body covers quiet a few features, included the new front and rear molded chassis braces. These braces provide the best balance of chassis stiffness for duability, and flex for better terrain handling and a wider window for tuning the suspension. The Inferno Neo comes with 16mm big bore shocks with rugged 3.5mm shock shafts. All the suspension also includes steel turnbuckle tie roads, and for the fans that didn't like the "wire" type steering link, that's also gone! its replaced with it's own turnbuckle linkage rod to simplify and expedite adjustments. Univeral front driveshafts get the power to the ground, and dual disc brakes deliver both smooth and strong braking power when it comes time to hit the binders. A 125cc flip-top fuel tank is race legal and can be refueled (even while the engine is running!) as many times as you'd like. The fuel tank feeds the rock-solid GX-21BK engine, which features a pull-starter and plenty of power to keep you keep you in the competition. An updated two-shoe aluminum clutch features scissor springs just like the high-dollar racing buggies, but this factory assembled machie comes for a fraction or the price. Kyosho's old Micro Pin tire is pressed back into service on the Inferno NEO, and they're mounted on the large diameter, vented MP9 wheels. These tires have been popular for decades in racing circles, and now they're premounted on the Inferno NEO! Last but not least, the Inferno NEO is distinguished by the all-black chassis, shock towers, servo mounting plate and upper braces. The whole package is designed to deliver the absolute best performance, and at a very reasonable price. It's got all the best performance features, while the extravigant ones are left off to create the best value in 1/8 off-road racing. Add to that the fact that the Inferno Neo is the only RTR vehicle that's based on an IFMAR World Champion design, and this car should be at the top of tyour shopping list if you want maximum performance for the best possible price.

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