kyosho alpha con motor gx15 mejorada

Dandole una vuelta por el solar de la nave, tira bastante la verdad

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Reds Elliott Boots Engine Break in and Race Tune in Kyosho MP9 TKi3
How Mike Cradock Breaks in and Tunes a Reds Racing Engine in Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKi3. Race Shop Reds Racing R7E EVOKE EUROS LIMITED EDITION!/Combo-Euros-Edition -R7-V2-0-+-2104-PIPESET-+-GEN2-VENTURI-+-QUATTRO-CLUTCH/p/56104027/category =12549066 Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKi3!/Kyosho-Inferno-MP9-TKi3- 1-8-Off-Road-Buggy-Kit/p/43796816/category=12118471 K.92214 - SP Muffler Presure Tube (2.4x6x500mm)!/SP-Muffler-Presure-Tube- 2-4x6x500mm/p/63345533/category=12131104 K Sweatshirt Red!/K-Sweatshirt-Red/p/63258 055 If your ambient temp is below 10c you may want to use an engine warmer for the first start. We didn't in the video as we were at 12c on the day. For the first tank start your engine check no funny noises and warm up engine gently to about 60c then take it up to about 80c using no more than half throttle to take up the revs to warm the engine like shown in the video. Then let it idle to cool down to 60c again to heat temper the engine. Repeat this for the first tank of fuel. There should be plenty of oil exiting the pipe so look out for that. We use a fuel with 12% oil. Start engine check no funny noises, warm up gently to running temp then tune to how you would like to race it meaning how it feels when you are warming it up for a qualifying heat. Then take it on the track and run 2 tanks up to half throttle then 2 tanks at 3/4 throttle then 2 tanks just touching full throttle backing off just as you are hitting full revs. Keeping engine running all the time as this helps with heat tempering the piston & liner. Once you have done this give it 3 laps and check temp you are aiming for 85c plus ambient temp so if it's 30c it should be 115c Once you have the temp controlled run it flat out up and down straight on bring to a stop. Should idle for 30 seconds then hit the gas flat out it should have a small splutter then pull away. If it pulls away clean then richen bottom and try again. I like to run the bottom a little richer and top so it really screams down the straight. Hope this is helpful.

Kyosho GX15
First ride with the car after it had been idle for about six years. The acceleration is tremendous!

KYOSHO INFERNO MP9 TKI4 durability test
Stronger than ever,The world’s performance benchmark has now been set With eyes on the ultimate prize of its 9th IFMAR World Championship title to be contested in the USA in October 2016, Inferno developer Yuichi Kanai has evolved the Inferno MP9 through 4 years of trial and error to produce the TKI4 model. Built for faster speed than the former TKI3, the new TKI4 features revised front/rear suspension for improved cornering stability and sharp control characteristics. A newly designed body and rear wing produces superior aerodynamics for high-performance cornering and traction. Improved driving performance goes hand-in-hand with enhanced maintenance and improved durability that can be relied upon during the critical stages of the race. Chassis structure and parts come together with precision and efficiency so the TKI4 can be recommended for serious buggy racers as well as those wanting to take the challenge of driving the ultimate 1/8 GP buggy. 強さに磨きがかかった今、その走りは世界基準を優に超 えた… 2016年10月にアメリカで開催されるIFMAR世界選手権で9度目 の優勝を果たすべく、開発責任者・金井祐一氏によるト ライ&エラーを繰り返してのブラッシュアップと約4年 わたる熟成を経て、インファーノMP9が“TKI4”に進化を げました。このTKI4では従来モデルのTKI3で定評のあっ 速さをさらに極めるべく、前後サスペンションを細部 わたって見直すことでコーナーでの安定感向上とより ャープな操舵特性を実現。昨今のレースで大きなセッ ィング要素となっている空力性能も、新規デザインを 用したボディ&リアウイングによってコーナリング性 やトラクション性能を高次元で両立することに成功し います。また、このような走行性能の向上だけに留ま ず、今回のアップデートでは実戦で大きな武器となる ンテナンス性や耐久性、さらにはマシンの信頼性を高 るための変更が各部で行われていることも特筆すべき イント。加えて、シャシーを構成するすべてのパーツ 高い精度で加工されており組み立てやすいことから上 者はもとより、今から1/8GPバギーに挑戦したいという人 にも自信をもってお勧めできる1台です。

Kyosho Pure Ten Alpha 3 - by Benia
La famosissima Entry Level 1/10 della kyosho con qualche accorgimento meccanico. Marmitta e collettore a risonanza, cambio a 2 marce, componenti della camera di scoppio e albero motore accuratamente levigati e lucidati a specchio. Il motore è quello di scatola, un kyosho GX15 2,5cc. Un piccolo giro di prova.