How to buy a Ferrari and Bugatti Veyron Supercar in Beverly Hills.. unsuccessfully

Apologies for the quality- This was Iphone 3 days! The ironic thing was, we actually went in to seriously buy a Ferrari f430 Scuderia. Based on how we were dressed, we're not surprised nobody came to talk to us though! Next time we'll go in wearing suits, and maybe we'll drive away in a car... as long as they have a red one available and not the yellow one you see! YES- we could have gone up and said something, but the longer we waited, the more funny the situation became so we thought we would wait and see if anyone would come talk to us at all.. hence the impromptu making of this video. Enjoy.

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Funny guy on a Ferrari 430 cabrio in Beverly Hills
Funny guy on a Ferrari 430 cabrio in Beverly Hills

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