Nissan SE V6 Pickup Truck

My friend's Nissan Pickup. It's in pretty good shape and runs well, considering the amount of miles on it. Click this link to go for a ride!

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1987 Nissan SEV6 Hardbody truck 227000 miles would not start
Real simple ..sometimes you have gasoline, spark , but spark that appears that the timing is off n will not start,, it may be as simple as fouled worn out plugs n a worn cap n rotor , in this case a worn out cap n rotor made it appear the timing was out but it also can mimic a loose or unattached vacum line.. not always starter relay or coil or vacuum lines or AB valve or pcv valve, I used my garden house to spray away from my engine in the top of my battery the white oxidation...dont do n knocked out my truck... sometimes it takes 10 things to work 4 an engine to run ..this time just swapping plugs n distributor cap n rotor was all that was needed...$50 in parts ,,its easy... i buy Porsche 356 911 912 cars , VW buses vanagons, Alfa Romeo , Mercedes Benz SL cars, BMW Indian HD Zundapp motorcycles especially Knuckleheads n early HDs not a dealer , i buy i keep

Turbocharged V6 Nissan Hardbody
My co-worker's early 90's Nissan 4x4 pickup with a mid 80's Nissan 300Z turbo motor swapped in. It's pure quality.

Motor Nissan 3.0 Lts. V6 cambio de banda de distribución Change timing belt.
Change timing belt Nissan de 3 Lts. V6

1988 Nissan V6 5 Speed Engine
Engine runs great