Nissan SE V6 Pickup Truck

My friend's Nissan Pickup. It's in pretty good shape and runs well, considering the amount of miles on it. Click this link to go for a ride!

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Minty Films | A life of a mini truck
slammed Nissan hardbody running the streets on Tampa! filmed by : Minty Films

Nissan - Throttle Body (coolant) Thermos/Fast-Idle solnoid Cam adjustment /Oil pressure
The most important thing to a engine life or longevity is Oil and Oil pressure to all internal moving parts. This video illustrate the FAST-IDLE feature on the NISSAN 3300 V6 engine, which can be found in various make and model automobile. We will explain and SHOW you HOW-TO (DIY) adjust the FAST-IDLE CAM and it purpose pertaining to engine START-UP and Earlie Opium Oil Pressure to reduce engine wear and tear(damages). THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE for high-mileage automobile. It is important that the FAST-IDLE feature perform like it should(like we explain) or it will affect engine cold start idling and warm-up PLUS let not forget low oil pressure. Which cause damaging effect to internal moving parts. This FAST-IDLE feature is nothing new to the Automotive engineering department. The FAST-IDLE CAM can also be found on carburetor and it engine. FAST-IDLE can be featured in a mechanical fashion or electronic detail(solenoid). What ever modification is made to the engine should not affect the FAST0IDLE feature or it will robbed performance and reduce longevity. Some make and model will include it`s FAST-IDLE feature into the Engine Air Idle Control Valve. by doing so. it will eliminate the FAST-IDLE CAM and WAX(type) SOLENOID. One thing to remember is, all fashion of FAST-IDLE operate under the same purpose. Pertaining to the Nissan Make and model. Almost all Nissan VG series engine feature a FAST-IDLE CAM with WAX(type) SOLENOID for Optimum Oil pump pressure at Cold/ambient temperature. Please enjoy this technical information and you consultant is welcome. OTHER RELATED VIDEO: Engine NO-START - How to Diagnosis a No Starting Engine/Faulty Engine Starter & Wiring. Nissan VG33E Intake/Plenum Removal - Frontier - xTerra - QX4 - Pathfinder - Elgrand .Part 1/ 5 How to Replace a COMPLETE Front End Steering (IFS) Lnkage System - Nissan How to Change Hub Bearing/Brake Disc Rotor/Pads - Nissan Front Differential 4x4 service - Pt 1/3 How to Replace Gasoline/Fuel Filter - Nissan (2003 yr) Frontier How to Change a Oxygen on a Engine - Nissan frontier oxygen(O2) sensor service

Part 2. Nissan 3.0 V6 timing belt, Water pump And thermostat Part 2. 1994 Nissan 3.0 v6 timing belt, waster pump and thermostat replacement

Motor Nissan 3.0 Lts. V6 cambio de banda de distribución Change timing belt.
Change timing belt Nissan de 3 Lts. V6