Nissan SE V6 Pickup Truck

My friend's Nissan Pickup. It's in pretty good shape and runs well, considering the amount of miles on it. Click this link to go for a ride!

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Motor Nissan 3.0 Lts. V6 cambio de banda de distribución Change timing belt.
Change timing belt Nissan de 3 Lts. V6

Turbocharged V6 Nissan Hardbody
My co-worker's early 90's Nissan 4x4 pickup with a mid 80's Nissan 300Z turbo motor swapped in. It's pure quality.

1989 nissan hardbody turbo truck
1989 Nissan pickup with a 300zx turbo engine, trans, and digital dash swap...more to come soon!

Nissan Hardbody pick-up KHLM 1989 SE-V6
-hello! este es mi Nissan pick-up KHLM(estilo Pathfinder) año 1989 Motor:VG30I 2960cc 138HP Transmision:manual de 5 velocidades 4x4 -hello! this is my Nissan pick-up KHLM (Pathfinder style) 1989 Engine: 2960cc 138hp VG30I Transmission: 5-speed manual 4x4 and no. its no a carb its a TBI