drift king crash

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*New Full Version* click this link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXYWFWdLeSA&feature=youtu.be THE REDBULL TIANMENSHAN MOUNTAIN DRIFT KING SHOW .Full version of Helicopter Footage Full-Hd Raw Footage corners 31-95 at A show and competition that took place in North China on the 17/08/13 in the amazingly beautyfull place of the "Tianmenshan Mountains" famous in all the world for the Huge Hole in the Rock called the doors to Heaven. The road that takes you up on the top of the Tianmenshan Mountains has exactly 99 Corners and.. Why Not doing them "SideWays".. Only 2 Drivers were choosen by RedBull China to do this event and have a drift competition between each other, the Official RedBull China Driver from HongKong JAMES TANG, and the Official Team Orange Japan Driver from Italy FEDERICO SCERIFFO. With 96,5/100 Top Speed 170km/h The Italian Driver Takes the Win and the Title of "Drift King of the Heaven's Road"