Volvo S60R VS BMW E92 M3

S60R : red, mod ECU : on 3rd gear E92M3 : white, stock : on 4th gear Roll on 100 km/hr

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Volvo S60R vs BMW 335i e92
Volvo S60R AT6 AWD - stock 300hp (98oct) ~1800kg BMW 335i AT RWD - stock 306hp e92 2008 ~1700kg roll 40

Volvo S60R vs Saab 9-3 Aero - Speedparts vs MTE
We raced from 80km/h to about 220km/h. Please no bullshit comments... 50$ to play poker with, all for free, no strings attached!

Volvo S60R v Subaru Impreza 330 bhp.

2012-2-18 R Meet 002
A soundbite of Kyle's R.