Telling-How: Change Valve Cover Gasket - GM Buick 3800 V6 (show-How)

this video will "SHOW" How-to (DIY) replace the rubber gasket to a plastic valve cover,in event to prevent any oil leaks. EXPLAINING/in-tell to Valve Cover Removal for the Buick 3800 series II engine in the front wheel drive engine application. Replacing Valve cover Gasket for L67 and L32 V6 engine with a Plastic valve cover.Chech Plastic Valve Cover for Warp-age before replacing its Gasket. Chevy(2004 yr)Impala 3800 series II engine PLEASE - RATE -COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE THANK YOU

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In this video you will experience a weird situation with the Engine Radiator Coolant Hose on all Internal Combustion Engine. We explain the How the Engine Radiator cap should perform and how to notice a radiator cap that does not meet the engine requirement or How to Identify a Defective Engine Radiator cap. Sometime a coolant over flowing radiator after shutting down the engine may not always seem to be a OVER-HEATING condition. This explanation remain the same for engine cooling system with a coolant bottle(not-over flow bottle) which will become pressurize and in incorporated with the Engine cooling System. Radiator Cap or Cover is a part with a 10yrs or 100,000 mile operation - which ever come first. Re-using a old radiator after servicing the cooling system will cause cooling problem. Such has Coolant over flow when engine is shut off or failure to maintain a fill cooling radiator system. Always check the automobile service manual for specification and recommend test for your application radiator cap or cover :-).

How to fix over Heated coolant engine - Chevy Impala 3800 V6 series II (2004 yr)3/4
How To Replace GM 3800 Heater Hose Fittings.Replacing The lower intake manifold coolant outlet pipes (At the water pump to alternator/heater bracket.The application is the same for Supercharger L67 and non supercharge L36 GM Buick 3800 Heater Hose Fittings

How to Clean a throttle body - GM 3800 throttle Body Tune-Up - Cable accelerator type
Part of a engine tune-up process,to promote ideal air flow at idle for smooth control. Here we inspect the throttle blade shaft bushing for air-leaks.HOW-TO clean a throttle body. L67 vs I36 Throttle Body:

GM Eaton M90 supercharger - How to remove pulley (L67)3800 Series II engine. 1/3
Removing the pulley from the Eaton M90 roots Supercharger. This Supercharger can be found on GM 3800 series II engine(L67) and ford 3.8 liter engine (Thunderbird SC).