Telling-How-to Change Valve Cover Gasket - GM Buick 3800 V6 Engine(FWD)

this video will "SHOW" How-to (DIY) replace the rubber gasket to a plastic valve cover,in event to prevent any oil leaks. EXPLAINING/in-tell to Valve Cover Removal for the Buick 3800 series II engine in the front wheel drive engine application. Replacing Valve cover Gasket for L67 and L32 V6 engine with a Plastic valve cover.Chech Plastic Valve Cover for Warp-age before replacing its Gasket. Chevy(2004 yr)Impala 3800 series II engine PLEASE - RATE -COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE THANK YOU

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Slapping valve cover on 2000 regal 3.8 same as impala monte carlo.gtp like subscribe comment. No music

Impala - Valve Cover Gasket Replacement (Front) 3800 Series II
This is how to replace the Front Valve Cover Gasket on the 2002 Chevy Impala 3.8L (3800 Series II) This is a fairly simple job, to do this you will need the following Tools: 1. Socket & Ratchet set including 10mm, 13mm, and 15mm 2. Valve Cover Gasket Replacement by Felpro ( Part Number: VS50080R) $14.99 at autozone 3. RTV Black by Permatex (Part Number: 82180) (not necessary but nice to have) 4. Torque Wrench that reads Inch/Pounds NOT Foot pounds. Harbor Freight has them for ($10-$15) (Harbor Freight Tools Part #2696) The one at harbor freight is 1/4 drive so if you have a 3/8 inch socket set get a universal adapter set for about $4. 5. Alcohol, acetone, or brake parts cleaner 6. Toothbrush to scrub the valve cover where the gasket will sit This whole job can be done for less than $50 including the cost of the torque wrench. I was quoted about $250 just to change the front valve cover gasket by a local shop.

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I change a neighbor valve cover gasket on a 2000 Impala. Forgot to upload video. Just thought I would show how to remove alt bracket.

change VALVE COVER gasket replacement - GM 3800 series II - 3.8 L engine cars
Follow this step by step how to DIY video guide from IZZY's GARAGE on how to remove and install a VALVE COVER or Rocker Arm Cover and Gasket bolt kit & fix oil leaks in your car with a GM 3800 Series II V6 3.8 Liter Engine. Safety practices, Tools and Supplies List, plus Torque Specifications are included in this video. Please click on the following link: . . . to Check-Out my channel on maintenance, rebuild, servicing, removing, replacement, cleaning, installation and how to fix the most common, Alternator and Battery Charging, Wiring, Serpentine Belt & Tensioner, Cooling System flush and pressure / leak testing, proper ways of using jacks and jack stands, Auto Body & Painting, remove Thermostat Housing, Overheating, Heater Hose Fittings, Automatic Transmission Fluid & Filter Changing, gear shifting & slipping problems, Coolant Bypass Elbows, replacing leaky Fuel Injectors and spring lock, install Plenum & EGR valve riser tube or pipe upgrade, Upper & Lower Intake Manifold, Head Gaskets, Valve Covers, Lifters, Push Rods, Pressure Sensors, Harmonic Balancer, Vibration Dampener, Crankshaft Pulley, Hub & Wheel Bearing Assembly, Idle Air Control Valve, Spark Plugs Wires, Positive Crankcase Ventilation PCV Valve, Throttle Body, and Starter / engine starting & miss fire / firing automotive problems, and troubleshooting, the easy way . . . no! . . . . the IZZY way! Visit my channel to find how to videos on how to test and service most late model cars, vans, and trucks, such as Buick Century, LeSabre, Regal, Skylark, Chevy Camaro, Chevrolet Beretta, Corsica, Lumina, Malibu, Monte Carlo, Venture, Oldsmobile Achieva, Cutlass Ciera, Cutlass Supreme, Cutlass GLS, Eighty Eight, LSS, Intrigue, Ninety Eight, Pontiac Firebird, Grand Am, Grand Prix, Trans Am, Ford Mustang, Taurus, Caravan, Town and Country, Plymouth Voyager, Chevy Astro, as well as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Accura, Toyota Camry, Lexux, and other import and domestic vehicles, vans, and trucks like on this 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix with a 3.8L Series 2 V6 motor, plus also for our friends from "Down Under" in Australia, the Australian, Holden cars, mini vans, and station wagons, such as the Holden Caprice, Statesman, VT II Commodore Acclaim, Holden Berlina, Monaro, Omega, and Ute, VS, VT, VX, VU, VY, WH, WK, Daewoo Veritas, and others. Questions are always welcomed, and I do my best to answer them as soon as possible. Thanks for watching, and be on the look-out for upcoming videos from IZZY's GARAGE on the most common remove & replace, motor and auto repair issues. Please don't forget to: Subscribe - Like - Share! :) channel IZZY's GARAGE how 2DIY IZZYsGARAGEhow2DIY