Telling-How: Change Valve Cover Gasket - GM Buick 3800 V6 (show-How)

this video will "SHOW" How-to (DIY) replace the rubber gasket to a plastic valve cover,in event to prevent any oil leaks. EXPLAINING/in-tell to Valve Cover Removal for the Buick 3800 series II engine in the front wheel drive engine application. Replacing Valve cover Gasket for L67 and L32 V6 engine with a Plastic valve cover.Chech Plastic Valve Cover for Warp-age before replacing its Gasket. Chevy(2004 yr)Impala 3800 series II engine PLEASE - RATE -COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE THANK YOU

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How to Fix Over-Heating engine & No Heat in car - Buick (2000 yr) Park Ave .PT 1/2
Replacing the engine coolant temperature sensor(CTS), due to cooling fans not turning OFF and causing NO Heat in the passenger compartment. application is the same for Supercharger and non supercharge engine

How to Tell a Defective Engine Radiator Valve Cap/Cover - Causes Coolant Overflow.
In this video you will experience a weird situation with the Engine Radiator Coolant Hose on all Internal Combustion Engine. We explain the How the Engine Radiator cap should perform and how to notice a radiator cap that does not meet the engine requirement or How to Identify a Defective Engine Radiator cap. Sometime a coolant over flowing radiator after shutting down the engine may not always seem to be a OVER-HEATING condition. This explanation remain the same for engine cooling system with a coolant bottle(not-over flow bottle) which will become pressurize and in incorporated with the Engine cooling System. Radiator Cap or Cover is a part with a 10yrs or 100,000 mile operation - which ever come first. Re-using a old radiator after servicing the cooling system will cause cooling problem. Such has Coolant over flow when engine is shut off or failure to maintain a fill cooling radiator system. Always check the automobile service manual for specification and recommend test for your application radiator cap or cover :-).

How to fix over Heated coolant engine - Chevy Impala 3800 V6 series II (2004 yr)3/4
How To Replace GM 3800 Heater Hose Fittings.Replacing The lower intake manifold coolant outlet pipes (At the water pump to alternator/heater bracket.The application is the same for Supercharger L67 and non supercharge L36 GM Buick 3800 Heater Hose Fittings

Buick (2000 yr) Park Ave 3800 series II engine(exposing the effect of defected engine mount).
The broken front mount on the make and model will also cause damage to the CV-axle joint and transmission differential .This video show the effect of a broken mount inside a 2000 yr Buick Park Ave front engine/transmission mount.This application is the same(1997-2006)for Park Ave Ultra(supercharge) Pontiac Bonneville.All H-Body.How to replace engine mount for Front wheel drive cars. How find a bad engine mount. How to find a damage motor mount. How to identify a damage engine mount?. How to find a damage engine mount on a car?. Why is my car slow at acceleration?. why does the car engine jump when placed into gear?.