SC300 drag 7-8-09

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9-Sec 2JZ SC300 | DSPORT Magazine
Rocky Mountain Street SC Fights For Nines For those living at or near sea level, it’s much easier to breathe and make horsepower than it would be for someone at a mile above sea level. The thin air and reduced oxygen density really makes it tough, just ask the DSPORT staff who recently returned from the IDRC Street Tuner Mayhem event in Morrison, Colorado. The challenging environment is the reason athletes train at higher elevations, to better condition themselves for competition at lower elevations. Like competitors in training, tuners in Colorado face the additional challenge of not only producing more horsepower, but also delivering quick passes down the drag strip as well. Given the challenges faced by competitors at a mile high, it’s no wonder that we especially admire the machines making passes in the single digits. Brett Miller has had an eye on the Supra since he started to drive. His first car was a 1990 MA70 Toyota Supra. While not quite a JZA80 Mark IV Supra, it wasn’t bad for a first car. However, Miller soon grew tired of replacing blown head gaskets and considered a 2JZ-GTE swap. But his old Supra’s styling felt dated, and he really wanted to upgrade to a JZA80. Unfortunately, the price of a Mark IV Supra was driven well beyond Blue Book value due in part to the popularity and notoriety gained from The Fast and The Furious. So he looked at a subtle and luxurious alternative, a Lexus SC300. Miller sold the MA70 and purchased this 1993 SC300 during his senior year of high school, kicking off a project that would span over eleven years. Check out the DSPORT Feature Car playlist... All your favorite DSPORT content now in one place...

9 second TURBO Lexus SC300!
This car got us through Rocky Mountain Race Week with it’s incredible turbo noises, trailer-pulling burnouts, and breakdowns all along the way. We’re sure the boys at WISE Motorsports didn’t expect to be pulling the the transmission out of their 2JZ powered Lexus SC300 in the middle of the parking lot part way through RMRW 15', but they did it in RECORD time! They even had time to stop and help repair Matt Frost’s 2500hp Nova who had broke down in the middle of night. We look forward to seeing this car go 8’s at every track in 2016! —————————————————— Subscribe ► 1320Video Gear ► Facebook ► Instagram ► 1320Video ► Twitter ►

Supra Vs. SC300
Battle of the Imports Orlando Speed World

WickedSC - 848hp SC300 built by Titan Motorsports
Titan Motorsports recently completed this SC300 for Jerome Williams. This SC300 features a stock 2JZ shortblock making over 848hp on E85 fuel. It's chromed out engine bay features many one-off pieces fabricated strictly for this build. The modifications don't stop at the engine bay, this complete build features a Vertex body kit, black diamond paint, Brembo big brake kit, Auto Couture wheels, and a host of other modifications that truly make it one WickedSC.