A tribute to the Pontiac Motor Division

http://MuscleCarFilms.com/ for some great Pontiac DVD's! Pontiac meant performance and style, from the 1950's all the way up to their unexpected cancellation announcement in 2009. I decided to make a second Pontiac retrospective, adding to the original 4 minute clip I previously posted. In this version, I've attempted to show a chronological timeline of sorts for Pontiac, including their WWII production, right up to an explanation as to what happened to Pontiac's mystique and credibility in the 2000's. The Pontiac nameplate will be discontinued, but Pontiac fans around the world will never forget. Pontiacs were cool. They were fun. They had style. Their designs were built on pure driving passion, excitement, and performance. We'll miss them...

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Auto Archaeology
The Award Winning TV Pilot "Auto Archaeology" explores how classic automobiles decaying in the backyard of communities all across the country need to be restored or recycled. By combining historical, environmental, and financial facts with a comedic sensibility, car lovers, history buffs and eco-conscious viewers of all ages are in for a treat. Hosted/Created/Produced by J. Paris "Auto Archaeology" won the BEST TV PILOT award at the 2009 Cinema City International Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Part 2: Pontiac GTO History - 1968-1969
This is Part 2 of our Pontiac GTO History series. After a very success initial production run from 1964 to 1967, Pontiac brought the GTO into its next phase. The 1968-1969 GTO had the styling and performance to keep well ahead of its competition. The 1968-1969 GTO would carry the torch for Pontiac during this time period which was right before the muscle car market balloon burst. To view the other parts of this Pontiac GTO History Series: Part 1: https://youtu.be/_dgAsjeGhYQ

Tribute to Pontiac Dealers

Pontiac Assembly Line Tribute
http://MuscleCarFilms.com/ My tribute to the Pontiac assembly line workers. Photos obtained from many different sources, including my own source books, GM Media Archives, High Performance Pontiac, and a wonderful site called "80transampacecar