Minivan Race from 6-21-08

Top-Heavy NASCAR at its finest. hey, dont laugh, this is how NAStruck got started! imagine.... NASVAN! if its loud and has wheels on it, we'll race it!

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Moms Mini Van Race
Moms are racing and wrecking these junk mini vans. Thats a great way to release some anger!

Last Mini Van Race of 2008
LIghtning McChris returns with his chevy astro with a new powerplant just in time for the last race of the year. come in second behind the black #7 ford aerostar, good driving all!

Pit de sable VS Toyota Previa

Why you dont race a train
While trying to race 1 train, gets hit by 2nd coming from other direction, and back into 1st. 2 children died. She (Driver) Died 10 days later. This is why you don't race a train. Video found at and provided by NICTD.