How to Start a Yamaha after it's been left for years in the garden

Here we have a 1985 Yamaha FZ750. It is the very rare 2GH model as ridden by Eddie Lawson in the 1986 Daytona 200 to victory with full livery by Troy Lee Designs. Sadly it has been left for years outside in a garden with the sea air/rain on it with nothing but a sheet over it. I have removed the petrol tank to access the fuel supply and have repaired some of the faulty wiring which probably was the cause of this superbikes demise. I am now going to completely strip the bike down and restore her to her former glory. BAD LANGUAGE while I welcome constructive comments, I will not tolerate foul language, swear words and any racist or other comments which may be deemed offensive to some people If you make any such comments that comment will be removed and you will be reported to YouTube my channel is viewed by young and old alike, please bear this in mind. Kind Regards, John OHanlon.

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