Dodge Ram 268 comp idle

)4 Dodge Ram 5.7 hemi, STS turbo, OBX longtubes, 268 comp cam, no cats no res, no muffler.

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2003 Ram Hemi 2dr Comp 268 Cam 2005 PCM
My 2003 Ram 1500 Hemi. Comp 268 Cam, pacesetter longtubes full custome Exhaust, hellcat midpipes and tailpipes. 2005 PCM cold air intake and tuned.

5.7 Hemi R/T ram 273 cam dumped MagnaFlow exhaust
5.7 Hemi R/T ram 273 cam dumped MagnaFlow Exhaust

Spintech super pro street
Spintech super pro street, 218/218 112 108ICL cam, Stock stall, Stock heads, 4.10s, D60 LSD, Hedman Longtubes, 3"ORY, Stage III Valvebody. Stock Fan, DSP with CRAPPY TUNE, Transgo HD2 Kit. Other goodies ;)

SRT Max Cam Hemi Ram.
2004 RCSB 218/223 112lsa open header. truck has a base tune. RIP 2004/2010