Chevrolet Colorado 2.5L race car on the dyno 350Hp 709Nm

We done this project in collaboration with Peak powershop diesel ECU tuning in Bangkok. After the Dyno testing big improvement where made on low-pressure fuel delivery and accelerator peddle response. Upgrades to the hi pressure commonrail fuel pump and turbocharger are planed to reduce smoke and max torque operating range of the engine.

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Chevrolet Colorado 2.5 M/T ติด LPG+ดีเซล+น้ำ ใหญ่ยนต์จูนนิ่ง
รถคุณอำนาจ จากสระแก้ว เดิม 12 กม./ลิตร ติดแล้วได้ 50 กม./ลิตร อัตราสิ้นเปลือง น้ำมัน+LPG 1.4 บาท/กม.

Duratec 2.5L Race Engine Dyno Session
Ford Duratec 2.5L race engine built by Damico Race Engines. Features Specialist Components Typhoon engine management and Billet Duratec H-Beam con-rods.

TRUCK TV Chevrolet Colorado 1

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