1978 Chevy Monza "Camden Flash"

Kenny tests out the Manza after doing some work.

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Mustang Killer vs Monza Madman 1/4 Mile run
A completely XXX illegal southern Gotland (Sweden) streetrace in the month of July 5.30 in the morning. Only the cows could hear these two hoodlums roar away along the 70 km/h road for 402 meters (1/4 Mile). Poor cows..... Music: "Can´t stop the Rock" by Apollo 440 from "Gone in 60 seconds".

GoPro Chevrolet Monza Drag Racing
GoPro camera on board Chevrolet Monza 9.80 quarter mile 137 mph at New England Dragway

1979 chevy monza spyder zo1
it is a 1979 chevy monza spyder with a 1965 corvette 327 thats all hopped up and man does she sond nice

355 chevy s10 vs. 406 chevy monza half track beat down!
Grove Creek test run ( s-10 2nd try)