Top Fuel Dyno

Big Block 581ci N/A

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U.S. Army NHRA Top Fuel Dragster Engine Teardown
Watch as the Don Schumacher Racing U.S. Army Top Fuel team disassembles an 8,000 horsepower engine in less than four minutes.

10,000 + Horsepower from a modern Top Fuel HEMI !
NHRA's Mike Dunn & Gary Gerold explain. Since 1964 still the engine of choice for Nitro drag racing regaurdless of the bodystyle it's in. It's a 10,000 + horsepower HEMI design. The only engine capable of producing that much horsepower to propel a car to well over 330 mph in 1000 ft. The only engine design durable enough to make that kind of power. Hands down the fastest cars and engine design on earth! They are ALL HEMI design!

starting a top fuel dragster
This is Bob Vandergriff's UPS dragster being started in the pits, right before his loss to Tony Schumacher in Sonoma 2007

3500HP EFI System
Moran Motorsports 3500HP+ EFI System. Fuel used is Methanol.