2007 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP race with Mustang

Street legals night at Castrol Raceway. My wife, Crystal, driving. Pegs the light and beats the Mustang with a 14.89 to a 14.97

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05 Grand Prixs GTP VS GXP Street Racing
This is my friend and I leaving work. He has an 05 Grand Prix GXP I was in my lightly moded 05 Grand Prix GTP. You can see in my review mirror he is about 4 to 6 car length behind me. My mods are MP

Grand Prix GXP
drag racing

Grand Prix GTP VS BMW M5 drag racing
This is my friend Jon in his BMW M5 just playing around. I get way to hard in the peddle in the first run. second run I calm down a little and take him. Click my chanal to find out what mods I have!!!!

Grand Prix GXP Vs Impala SS
5.3 Vs 5.3 which one is faster??? You already know lol