World Record Set by Tesla Model S P100D for the Quickest Stock 4 Door Car

October 23rd, 2016

While we took delivery of the Tesla Model S P100D a few weeks ago the South Florida daily rainstorms have been thwarting our attempts to run the car down the 1/4 mile.  Finally the weather is changing and with the first “cold” front coming through and by “cold” front we mean a few hours of temps in the 70’s, we were able to get some 1/4 mile runs in at Palm Beach International Raceway.

Electric car drag racing has come a long way since we started drag racing our P85 about 3 years ago, not only have the 1/4 miles times dropped astoundingly from the P85 @ 12.3, P85D @ 11.6, P90DL @ 11.2 and now the P100DL @ 10.7, the ability to race the cars have become easier as well.  When we first started we had to drive to the track and charge on RV outlets or have the car towed to the track in order to obtain the best performance possible.

Now we have a Tesla Supercharger just a few miles from the track and for most cases it’s a perfect setup to charge up and race all night during the typical test/tune sessions and not lose any performance, however in our case we wanted to go for the absolutle best time possible by making some attempts at 100% state of charge.


This is where our friends at Florida Drilling (who own multiple Teslas) were able to assist by setting up one of their 150kW generators on a truck along with twin Tesla HPWC chargers on board capable of charging up to 80 AMPs each.  The generator is actually powerful enough to hookup another 5 Tesla charging stations if needed.



After charging at the Tesla West Palm Beach Supercharger we headed out to the track.  After arriving at the track we plugged in the two P100Ds to the chargers and after just a few minutes both cars were at 100% and ready to race.


Both P100Ds were amazingly consistent running 10.7x to 10.8x all night long taking on all types of cars including a Corvette Z06, Challenger Hellcat, Nissan GT-R, Camaro and CTS-V. The best of of the night was a 10.76 @ 122.36 MPH.

It should be noted that our conclusion is that the Tesla P100D does not need to be at 100% state of charge to run well into the 10’s, we actually ran our best pass on the 3rd try without charging in between.   Our best times for the night were amazingly consistent with a 10.766, 10.784 and 10.785.    Last time at the track with a friends P100D we ran a 10.80 @ 122.3 MPH at 82% state of charge.

Enjoy the videos below!