Meet Maria – The Perfect Car Girl

September 29th, 2016

maria-gastonAre you feeling a little misunderstood? Chances are that you just need to meet Maria (or find a mate like her). If you are a car guy (or girl) – and if you’re reading this you probably are – your most meaningful relationships are likely going to be with other car people. Since it’s a pretty safe bet that car guys are easier to find than car girls, Maria is a rare commodity indeed. Check out the video; you’ll be amazed at Maria’s knowledge of cars and racing (and the car is quite impressive as well).

Speaking of which: The car is a 2004 Mitsubishi Evolution. It’s an all-wheel drive with a manual transmission (transfer case and transmission are race caliber) and it has all the bolt-ons plus turbo and intercooler upgrades. The car is putting 500whp to the pavement so it definitely gets down on the street.

Maria did most of the work herself. She credits/blames video games for her addiction to high performance street machines. She grew up playing racing games and customizing her virtual cars; that translated over into the real world and you can see the results. Don’t let those beautiful brown eyes and that million-dollar smile fool you guys – she’ll rip through those gears and tear through your heart on the highway – without a moments hesitation.

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