Factory Fast Ford F-150 – Hellion Twin Turbo Sleeper Kit

February 17th, 2024

Brought to you by our friends at Palm Beach Dyno (PBD), this video introduces us to the new Ford F-150 twin turbo sleeper kit from Hellion. This is a complete kit with the turbochargers underneath for that stealthy sleeper effect. This short clip covers installation, Dragy and dyno pulls so, hang on to your hats.

The Level 1 PBD Hellion Street Sleeper System being installed on this 4WD F-150 is designed to yield over 650whp and 550 lb.-ft. of torque when completed. This pickup maintains the stock 5.0-liter Coyote motor, the stock 10-speed automatic transmission/transfer case and the stock differentials – even the exhaust remains stock (except for the electronic cutouts). Other engine mods include a Fore triple fuel pump system and ID 1300cc fuel injectors. The turbochargers are Hellion 6262s with a Coretex boost controller.

With the installation complete, it’s time to strap the F-150 on the dyno. After a number of pulls with various fuel concoctions, the best result was 955whp and 840 lb.-ft. of torque at 19 psi of boost. Chances are that you’ll never run that degree of boost on the street, but it’s there in a pinch. That’s an extraordinary amount of power from a street sleeper that looks like a stock truck (even underneath the hood).

Dragy tests and tune passes are next. Get ready to launch!