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1994 Subaru SVX Lsi 5mt 1/4 mile Drag Racing trap speed 0-60

More Info: Extended Warranty, Car Loans, Car insurance and Lemon Laws for your Subaru SVX Lsi 5mt

1/4 Mile ET: 14.534
1/4 Mile MPH: 95.330
1/8 Mile ET: 9.296
1/8 Mile MPH: 75.130
0-60 Foot ET: 1.952
VBOX 60-130 MPH:
Standing 1 Mile MPH:
Temperature F: 40.0
Density Altitude (DA): DA Calculator
Timeslip Scan:
VBOX Graph:
VBOX 60-130 MPH:
VBOX Graph:
Car Make: Subaru
Car Model: SVX
Car Type: Lsi 5mt
Car Year: 1994
Driver: TomsSVX
E-Mail: Private
Videos: SVX Videos
Web Site:

Horsepower @ wheels:

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Torque @ wheels: 0.00
Dyno Type:
Dyno Graph:
Classifieds: SVX For Sale
Parts: SVX Parts

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 1994 Subaru SVX Lsi 5mt


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Number of Votes: 1713 

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More Comments:

What's impressive about a mid 14 second car?

This is embarrassing to have a 14.534 car featured

It is the fastest SVX not to use nitrous... Are you the fastest of whatever car you drive?

Since when was it cool to have a 14 second car!!!???

Tom if I did have the fastest stock 4 cyl. S-10. It would still be very slow. As with my S-10, Cavalier, Saturn ,Trailblazer the SVX is a vehicle that should not be raced period.

(Suby Beater)
My grandmother could beat that time in my Vette. Is the picture blurred to keep us from seeing how ugly it is?

The picture is blurred because the camera car was going faster than the Subaru!!

I use to have a svx i loved the car i had a 1997 the last year they made the car she was a beautiful car to beautiful for me to take out in the snow and she was fast i use to beat pontiac trans am's and camaro's with her but i don't know about a vette?

Listen, I listed the cars time slip thats all... don't whine about it because it has been voted for. Just let me know when you are the fastest

The fastest turtle is still slow. Thats the point

Ok, I'll let you know when I'm the fastest. Will you? You aren't the fastest by far, you are actually the second slowest in the top 20. You are lucky the people that vote here are kids that probably don't even have a car. Oh, and btw, i've never raced and lost to an Escalade!

(Ken Trough)
Who's packing the ballot box on this one? This car has 3X the votes of all the others? That's just plain silly given it's interesting, but not exceptional timeslips. Someone running a voting bot perhaps??

(Johann Joseph)
I agree Ken. Whoever that person is seems to have stopped though. Maybe Kathleen Harris? ;)

Ok Tom, As a matter of fact I did own the fastest of something. A 10 second eagle talon using stock MAF and other things. All other 10 sec cars had conversions. Get a clue slow boy.

It was my old car. Custom 5speeds are becomming more and more common nowadays. My 6 speed is still a rarity and I should be dipping into the 12's this spring

Tom, don't listen to all the haters. They obviously don't "get" the SVX, or how difficult it can be to make a 3600lb luxury coupe decently quick. Any idiot with a few thousand bucks can make a fast Talon/Eclipse, thanks to lots of aftermarket support. We SVXers have basically NO aftermarket, so everything must be done from scratch. Kudos, Tom.

u guys need to stop being so damn ignorant.. for the time it was made in 92 that was a decently fast car for being luxury ... the rx7's were only running 14.5's some 14' so.. years later and pretty much stock that is not bad the car is a big paperweight but give it credit for tis age and stock hp .o and for the talon.. thats nice u u can run with stock maf while others had conversions u still modded the hell out of ur car stock it would get its ass kiked by this car..

(luv my LSI)
Wow lots of haters around...sorry Tom! I agree with Ron and dj the SVX is EXTREMELY HEAVY. Twice what the avg. sports car weighs and as much as the avg. full size truck! I'd like to see some of these sh*%talkers race rally style instead of a straight flat surface. Then we'll see who's better. My car handles better stock than people I know who spent thousands on their suspension. Sure SVX isn't the best car made,but they deserve all the kudos they can get. So haters keep whining about how a slow an SVX is...then let me magically take 2000lbs off my car so its weight is equal to yours and lets see who is so bad ass!

(walter james)
Don't mind the haters tom because we now what the svx is capable of its just me poweredx2.

Thanks walter, seems like I will be giving you a run for your money with my nitro powered 6mt. Hopefully 12's if I ever get it to te track Tom

What's impressive about a 14 second SVX? I have a better question. What's impressive about a fast Talon or Vette, other cars with huge aftermarket followings and years of R&D into their engines? What's impressive about cloning another car and doing what 892735489 people have done before? Nothing. Nothing is impresive, nothing is cool. The SVX on the other hand has a lot going for it regardless of it's speed.

Great times Tom. Looking forward to seeing you in the low 13's/high 12's at the end of this drag season!

svx's kick ass in the real world of rain, snow, and gravel. It's not for the straight tracks or perfect weather. My svx is 12 years old runs like new and in the winter in the deepest snow storm I'm braking trail for the suv's :) Let's see a vette do that. HA ha

Yes, they do. I saw it happen once. I was driving through a really fierce Michigan snowstorm, and the conditions were total white out, such that I had to pull over and stop in my crappy Dodge. Then what do I see emerge from the storm behind me but a pack of cars, trucks, and SUVs led by none other than an SVX. I pulled into line and followed them through the storm. There were many a vehicle in the ditch of I-75 that night, the SVX was not one of them.

Looking at a used SVX with 54K, in good condition (I am not a mechanic, nor have I ever played one on TV) The price is around $7500...think if i am too tall (6'3") and find it uncomfortable, I can resell to other SVX lovers relatively easy? I test drove one ten years ago, passed, (I swear it was a 5 speed manual, but from what I have seen, they are all automatics) Anyway, this is an automatic, and between my wife killing me if I show up with it, and the fact it is not that roomy for a guy my size, I am having a little heartache over going for it. Talk to me, please!!

It is an all-wheel drive. Yeah, the first thing that goes is the memory I guess. Does anyone know, can a 6'3" guy sit in an SVX comfortably? And thanks for the reply exSVXer.

my ex-boss is a pretty tall guy and he said it was the most comfortable car he ever owned, and now he drives a Benz CLS500. I don't think you'd have any trouble getting comfy behind the wheel.

I'm 6ft 2" tall and I had no problems whatsoever fitting inside my former 96 SVX. I even had head room left when wearing a helmet during autoX events!

Glenn 6'5" and love it, the only questionable thing I've sort of dis-like is the steeringwheel locking in about .5" above the top of my legs.

Thank you very much on the replies. Sounds like this might work. Last question: When something goes wrong with an SVX, are we talking an arm, or an arm and a leg to get them fixed? I was reading reviews googled on the internet, and read a couple of articles from people in England, saying that the parts are very difficult to come by...

Parts aren't hard to come by they just take forever to get (if its something you can only get from the dealership) thats why you just buy an SVX thats not jacked up aka one made between 95 and 97 then there are no worries with wheel bearings and tranny problems. If you do get an older one remove the sediment screen from the intercooler thats why the trannys go out it restricts too much flow. There is an aftermarlet screen to replace the old ones that eleviates the problem! :)

SVX parts haven't been hard for me to find at all and in some cases they're cheaper than our other car (Honda). As for the SVX bashers: does your coupe comfortably sit 4 (healthy-weight) people comfortably and supply them with a nice little back window while still being able to kick most cars' asses several times over in snow, tow another car out of a ditch if need be, and crawl up a steep grassy or dirt hill with ease? No. Stay on the nice, dry, paved road where you belong. ;)

haha, i cant beleive so many people wer talking badly about the svx. i love that car. my brother got one before me, that bastard, it has 80,000 miles, and is planning a wrx 5-sp swap either in the winter or spring comeing up, and im looking up ways to reduce that horrible weight. but until you drive one, and not just in a straight line, you will never understand what makes these cars so incredible. i may buy his off of him if i get a chance, ditch all the leather, and pointless things (ac, power seats, etc) and drop in a 5 speed, and maybe some form of forced induction if i can afford it. im hopeing... but keep on with the svx's, they are simply great!

Did it. Bought an SVX. Bought a 93 Anniversary addition in great shape, newly rebuilt transmission (I saw the receipt), red, perfect, and I mean perfect condition interior. Having never owned a sports car (had a saab 900 turbo, which, while fun to drive, did not ever accelerate like this thing)...on the test drive on a freeway onramp, the guy almost made me pee my pants it cornered so fast. Unreal! LOVE THIS CAR.

and now your hooked on svx's. congrats!

Dam, mad SVX haters. The manual transmission is done through a somewhat extensive swap. It can be cheap if you do it yourself, or expensive (but less of a headache and oh so much easier) to have someone else do it for you. The 5 spd swap takes off about 1.6 seconds from the stock 0-60, and I'll let you know how much the 6 spd swap improves on it when I'm done with it. Right now, with a cold air intake I made, reprogrammed ecu, underdrive pulleys, and cat back exhaust, I'm nearing the 300 hp mark without a turbo or supercharger. As far as the 14.5 second run goes, the SVX can do a lot more than drive forward, unlike grandma's boy's vette or any other car that gets parked or buried when it snows.

Listen guys thanks for the comments. How exactly ar eyou getting 300hp n/a?? with minor bolt ons?? I think you are mistaken. Feel free to contact me about the 6speed swap, I have done 3 of them Tom

Well, not wheel hp, lol. In fender intake, Stebro exhaust, ECUtune stage 2, Z32 MAF, lightweight underdrive pulleys, colder plugs and hotter wires. Almost there, and how do I contact you?

Well, Thank you again guys for answering my questions about the SVX. I am so happy with this car. Bang for the buck, is there any car this much fun to drive, this \

14 sec for that heavy car its not bad for me if it was a 16sec or 15 then it slow but 14sec for that kinda car its good by da way last year i ran 14.48@97 mph 8 mile 9.59@80mph in my 1994 protege small turbo and i did 14 .48 sec cuz i had sliping clutch 2 and 3 shift but like i said 14 sec its not a slow et

Needed to try again. My point from the last post was this: Is there another car that is this unique, this fun to drive, affordable (you can only get a used one) and gives you a feeling like, \

Last time I checked, this site was called dragtimes.com. That's just it; info on peoples times, not \

I will guess you were aiming at me, as your post was cut off too. Sorry about the narration.

I own a '92 SVX LS-L. We are a dying breed!

If any car is as good as the SVX, then I haven't found one. Of course, a turbo on an SVX would cause bad things to happen right? It's a low compression item ... You'd need a supercharger. My question is, can you fit TWO superchargers in your car, one on each bank?

(ryan rivette)
Hey man.. nice job on the car... what does it have.. just the 5spd?? i just recently bought a mint one 1992 silver/black with rims but no tranny and im puttin the 5 spd swap in it.. And by next summer it will have a t3/t4 with mega squirt. And u guys that are saying BS about the svx.. first of all u prob all have honda civics like every other street racer and runs 15 flats at the track or u have a car that comes stock that runs in the 14.0's, 14.5 is a good time for the svx considering its wieght.

14s in a car like this is impressive, just like 14s in an infinity q45, j30 or m30. A 240sx with an sr20 swap runs 14s, most civics with a turbo run 14s. Hell, even an m5 or sti is less than a second quicker and cost a lot more.

I have sold the old 5spd. I have built a 6 speed with a supercharger running 9psi... Crossed the traps at 96.1 mph but cut a 13.9... More to come when I finish my engine build Tom

(stephen morrow)
what does svx stand for. cheers

I bought a 1994 SVX LSi from my uncle. I love this car. It is amazing. As well as the look. Itís unique for as old as it is. a guy I met at the gas station raced a vet down Parleys canyon and kicked his ass! The handling is amazing with the AWD.

Thomas Johnson of Beach Haven, NJ and AWD, Inc. of West Creek, NJ is a scam artist, don't let him near your car! see svxworldforums.com thread AWD, Inc.

ha, now that i look at this, i realize its tom from the forum! :) im a bit slow sometimes, sorry! my svx i bought from my bro sits in jackstands waiting for my frnt clip for the trans...and waiting...

April 2008 - I just bought a 1992 SVX and want to do some mods to increasae horsepower, handling, and eventually want to add a 5 or 6 spd transmission. Anyone have any info to help me? Finally, where do I get the after-market part to protect the tranny? I ask because this SVX I bought has only 57K miles. Thanks - Kevin.

trust only web sites: enhancedstreetperformance.com they also have an awd dyno

good forums are neawd.com see on youtube or nasioc.com

Kevin: hit up www.subaru-svx.net as they have the support there that you need. We can tell you where to go for your maintenance, upgrades and tranny swaps. Good luck with the car.

(ScoobySubby (JD))
Dont let the haters get you down, they just don't know what AWD is all about; let them drive their little fwd or rwd cars :P But I have a 07 WRX and I am going to be putting an H6 in it after I am done with bolt ons on my H4 motor for ****s and giggles but keep up the good work. Most of the ricers/muscle car guys can't do math on weight to hp ratio >:| Drives me nuts. If your on NASIOC.com you can find me on there (ScoobySubby)

The SVX is the car in the back round. stupids. and lets go pick day after its rained for a week through a muddy field with yure vette thats 1 inch off the ground, then see who wins. ill give you a 3 hour head start.

what up i got a 92 svx auto. i am realy looking at doing a6 speed swap. what tranny would i us and how would i get the info to do it my self. please send me a email thanks!!!

Engine: 3.3 H-6
Boost Control:
Boost Pressure (psi):
Nitrous Kit/System:
Nitrous Shot:
Pistons (rotors):
Rings (seals):
Connecting Rods:
Camshaft: Custom Intake cams
Throttle Body:
Intake & Air Filter: CAI
Headers / Downpipe:


Exhaust: Magnaflow true dual

Computer ECU Chip Upgrade: EcuTune Stage 2v5
Spark Plugs:
Fuel Injectors:
Fuel Pump:
Gas: Pump 93
Transmission: 4.11 5mt
Clutch/Torq Conv: Spec stage 2
Flywheel: Stock
Shifter: Kartboy
Brake Rotors/Pads:
Tires street
Weight with driver (lbs): 0
Track: Atco Raceway, NJ, USA
 Record Modified: November 30th, 2005

Additional parts, modifications, upgrades & information:
(0-60, weight, upgrades parts, etc...)

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