Rock Mountain Raceweek – An Inside Look

It is time once again for the grueling annual event known as Rocky Mountain Race Week. This affair involves five days of drag racing (bracket) over a seven-day period. What makes Rock Mountain Race Week even more unique is the 1,000-mile roadtrip across the Rocky Mountains that must be accomplished in the race car. Competitors begin this journey with a day of racing in Great Bend Kansas. They must follow the assigned route to Pueblo Motorsports Park, Bandimere Speedway and Kearney Raceway Park. After that, they must backtrack to Great Bend Kansas for the final day of racing. This video Read More

Baddest 2020 Mustang GT500 on the Planet?

Could this be the baddest 2020 Ford Mustang GT500 on the planet? Palm Beach Dyno is the perfect place to find out. Come along as the PBD crew hooks this renegade pony up and blasts off with multiple dyno pulls. The 2020 Mustang GT500 rolls off the assembly line with a 760hp supercharged all-aluminum (block and heads) 5.2-liter V8 engine. Racemod deleted the factory supercharger for a Hellion Coyote kit (with 64-millimeter turbochargers). The Hellion kit has been adapted to fit the GT500 motor. Modifications were performed by Racemod in Ohio. Mods were made possible with the help of a Read More

Old School Drag Racing – 1971 HEMI Dodge Charger vs 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS

This video takes us back to an era when cars were big and beautiful, and engines were larger than life. Featured are a pair of old school classics that struck fear in the heart of the competition for decades. The HEMI powered Charger is so ugly that it’s cute and the Impala has the classic lines of an automotive work of art. The bone stock 1971 Dodge Charger Super Bee is outfitted with a 426 cubic-inch HEMI engine and a four-barrel carb. The transmission is a 3-speed automatic, and the rear end has a 4.10:1 final drive gear ratio. The Read More

Plaid Tesla Model S Delivery Event at Fremont Test Track

I head out to the Tesla test track in Fremont, CA to take a look at the all new Tesla Model S Plaid Mode.

V8Bait 7-Second Subaru Makes 1300HP

As a racer, one must realize that it isn’t a matter of if you will break parts, but when and how many. The real question is: Can you fix what’s broke in time to get back in the show? That’s precisely the situation the V8Bait crew found themselves in during last weekend’s event. It finally came down to a situation in which the engine had to be swapped in about one hour. Can these guys get it done? Watch. Fresh off the trailer, the STi posted an 8.44 @ 172.85 mph. The car was loose out of the hole and Read More

Hood Muscle – 800HP Twin Turbo 1970 Chevelle SS

This 1970 Chevelle SS is a build that takes me back to running errands with my Grandpa. Difference is that Gramps old Chevy wasn’t putting down 800hp to a set of 22-inch tires. This thing is a beast of a premium build that the crew at Hood Muscle nailed right on the money. Check it out. Under the hood is a built 5.3-liter LS engine with a pair of Nelson Racing 72-millimeter turbochargers. The camshaft is a BTR Stage 2, and this beast is sucking air through a 92-millimeter throttle body. The built TH350 automatic transmission is aided with a Read More

BFE Kansas Small Tire Cash Days – Limpy on the Flashlight

We are off to BFE Kansas (Mexico) for some top-tier Small Tire Cash Days street digs. Let’s get to it! After a brief driver’s meeting, chips are drawn, and matchups are set. It’s ten cars (and trucks) in single elimination competition for all the cash. Typical No Prep and street racing rules apply. Limpy the Legend is on the flashlight start. First up is a race between a 1983 Toyota Corolla station wagon (turbocharged LS V8 engine) and a turbo Camaro. Both cars cut a clean light and come out of the hole neck-and-neck. The Corolla takes the advantage near Read More

Crazy 9-Second Turbo Silverado vs. McLaren and Roush Mustang – Street Hits

So, we have an odd ball race between some crazy competitors on the streets (of Mexico) today. This cherry 1,200whp Silverado showed up looking for action. Who are we to deprive a street racer of his due? We offered up out modified McLaren and brought along a couple of fast Ford friends. Check it out. The Silverado is sporting a 408 cubic-inch LS motor with a 91-millimeter turbo. With a factory interior and no roll cage, it has posted a best quarter-mile of 9.0-seconds @ 149 mph (headed for eights, soon). McLaren modifications include performance catless downpipes, aftermarket exhaust and Read More