Ford 289 302 351W 5.0 Mustang Aluminum Heads GT40 EFI for Sale

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This sale is for a pair of brand new assembled Engine Works aluminum small block Ford cylinder heads. These heads feature closed style 64cc combustion chambers and 190cc intake runners. In addition to the nearly 40lb weight savings these heads offer over factory cast iron heads, they will yield about a 45hp gain over stock E7TE castings. In unported form these heads will support 400+ horsepower on pump gas. If you are looking for a race grade head that is comparable to Edelbrock, Dart, Trick Flow and AFR at a fraction of the price look no farther then these. The features of these are as follows:

  • Heads are pressure cast from premium quality 2024 aluminum alloy. Unlike many inexpensive aftermarket heads that are sand cast these are cast in steel permanent type molds. This offers a stronger more durable cylinder head with consistent thickness throughout. These castings incorporate .400 thick deck surfaces for maximum head gasket longevity. If you are running nitrous or a supercharger and have had problems with blown head gaskets and stock heads the thicker surfaces will virtually eliminate this problem.
  • After machining the heads have magneese bronze valve guides installed along with stellite valve seats. This is the best available combination for street use with unleaded gas. If you are racing the stellite valve seats offer much longer seat life then most competitors ductile iron valve seats
  • Both the intake and the exhaust incorporate three angle valve seats to maximize both low and medium lift flow.
  • The heads come fully assembled with 2.02 stainless steel intake valves and 1.60 exhaust valves. These valves incorporate swirl polished heads and undercut stems.
  • Valve springs installed on these heads have 115lbs closed pressure and will accommodate .530 lift. These will work fine with just about any hydraulic or solid flat tappet camshaft. If you are using a Ford motorsport E, B or F camshaft these springs will work fine as well.
  • Finishing off the heads are chromoly valve spring retainers and viton positive style valve stem seals. We also have in our store inventory correct roller rockers studs and guide plates for 80.00 or just guide plates alone also, Please look in store inventory for many great deals on some great parts and most of our store inventory also has FREE SHIPPING!!! so please look!!

These heads will accept all factory bracketery and accessories designed for 289-351W and mustangs GT40 and more!!engines. Standard headers and intakes will fit fine. Over the past 2 years we have sold over 600 sets of these heads. During this time we have had a great deal of response from our customers, these heads have proven to be street tough and race durable. If you have questions feel free to call Alan 559-275-2001. Thanks for looking.

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